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Synergie Skin

Founded in 2005, and now an internationally recognised company, Synergie is widely regarded by cosmetic medical practitioners and skin clinicians as a leading cosmeceutical range. All products are formulated by biological scientist and cosmetic chemist Terri Vinson (BSc. DipFormChem. DipEd. ASCC). Synergie products are scientifically sourced, clinically effective and free of questionable ingredients such as:

o Parabens
o SLS or other sodium sulfates
o Phthalates
o PEG’s
o Propylene glycol
o Artificial colours
o Synthetic fragrances
o Talc
o Dimethicone

At the heart of Synergie is Terri’s Clean Science® philosophy. This means we take only the very best of laboratory-created ingredients with the best naturally-derived ingredients and combine the two in synergy to create safe, effective skin care.

Synergie encompasses three ranges: Synergie SkinSynergie Practitioner and Synergie Minerals. All ranges are sold exclusively through clinics and salons Australia-wide. In addition to this, Synergie also distributes internationally to Hong Kong, New Zealand, USA and UK.

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