Calendula Nappy Change Cream

Calendula Nappy Change Cream — Weleda

Organic calendula is a natural anti-inflammatory, so in Weleda’s award-winning Nappy Change Cream they blend calendula and chamomile extracts together with sweet almond and sesame oil to help reduce redness and gently care for the nappy area. Skin-friendly lanolin and zinc oxide provide a barrier against dampness. Recommended by midwives and paediatricians, it is gentle yet effective care from the very first day.

Clemence Organics Repair Face Serum

Repair Face Serum

100% organic super serum, highlighted by rosehip, calendula and jojoba oils, promotes skin repair and renewal, ideal for skin which may be showing signs of ageing, sun damage, scarring and pigmentation. Antiseptic, astringent and anti-inflammatory properties will help those that struggle with acne, inflammation and/or skin redness. Fast absorbing, this serum will leave skin feeling […]