facial cleanser

The Cleansing Oil — Harlo Skincare

Suitable for all skin types, this pH-balanced oil cleanser specially formulated to deeply cleanse and hydrate without disrupting the skins protective acid mantle. Made with a blend of natural purifying plant oils inherently high in Vitamin A, B, omega fatty acids and with antibacterial, anti-inflammatory and antioxidant properties.

Biologi — Refresh Cleanser

Harnessing the untouched power of soapberry extract, Bc Refresh Cleanser is packed with nourishing actives that wash away impurities to leave skin fresh, clean and clear.

In a world-first, naturally occurring amino acids, phenolic acids and amines work in synergy to remove all traces of dirt without disturbing the skin’s natural oils and moisture essential for hydration.

Ultra Gentle Soothing Cleanser 125mL [Balance] — Amperna

AMPERNA Ultra Gentle Soothing Cleanser is a gel cleanser that is activated by water – it is refreshingly gentle and lathers to a fine foam. Sage and cucumber extract to cool, soothe and nourish. It rinses clean without leaving an irritating residue or upsetting the skin’s pH levels. This cleanser helps remove makeup while balancing skin.

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Moisture Restore Cleansing Milk – 90ml

This certified natural, gentle cleanser helps to nourish while removing make-up and impurities. Native ingredients soak skin with moisture-rich vitamins and antioxidants for a smooth, hydrated complexion. Tip: Can be used as an eye and lip make-up remover.  Recommended for: normal to dry or dehydrated skin.

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Pore Purifying Cleansing Gel – 90ml

Penetrate deep into pores to remove dirt, grime and daily environmental stress for skin that feels calm and clear. Certified organic. Recommended for: normal to oily and combination skin.