Equine Corporate Sessions

Does your team lack cohesion? Is your team struggling with a clear direction and purpose? Are the dynamics within your team ineffective? Help your team develop effective communication and relating skills that can bring synergy back to the workplace. Equine Assisted sessions are uniquely effective in teaching participants about themselves and their important place within […]


Connecting kids sessions

Boost confidence, increase self esteem, learn social skills and understand the impact you have on others. Horses are great at responding to our behaviours and attitudes. This allows kids to have immediate feedback and helps them to become more aware of the impact they have on the people around them. Equine Assisted Learning helps kids […]


Equine Individual Therapy Sessions

We provide a gentle approach to counselling either inside in room based sessions or outside with the horses supporting you in your session. Work¬†with what is happening for you now Become more aware of yourself and your beliefs Uncover¬†your patterns and behaviours Understand the ways you are holding yourself back or getting stuck We offer […]


Equine Day Retreats

Our Day Retreats offer opportunities to develop people skills and provide the tools that will help increase your emotional intelligence and deepen your personal growth as well as connect you to your spirituality. You will feel supported, encouraged, and equipped to develop the self-belief to follow your dreams and lead full, creative lives. Our Day […]