Mavala VL Mascara Waterproof Black

MAVALA VL Mascara Waterproof Black is enriched with a botanical complex that helps restructure damaged lashes while at the same time keep them hydrated and flexible. Its key ingredients include:
• Film-forming and moisturizing collagen and silk powder, which allow a better hold of the masacara.
• Beeswax, a natural, protective, flexible, shiny and waterproof wax.
• Soft nylon-12 powder for a silky touch and volumizing effect, combined with thickening and volumizing carnauba wax.
• A panthenol derivative (vitamin B5) to prevent dryness and protect lashes, and the camomile derivative bisabolol, which is both smoothing and soothing.
This mascara is free from mineral oil, phthalates, sodium laureth sulfate, paraben and fragrance and not tested on animals.
Its unique brush and formula add length with the first application and volume with the second.


Mavala Duo Eye Shadow Powder Grey Chic

MAVALA Duo Eye Shadow Powder Grey Chic’s gentle formula contains a complex of botanical extracts including camomile and calendula extracts, for their softening and soothing properties, and elderberry and myrrh extracts, for their calming properties. This complex gives this eye shadow powder its incredible softness and velvety texture, making it particularly comfortable to wear.

Its pure microzined pigments apply perfectly for a long lasting hold. It also contains silicon and emollient oils for an intense brightness of colour and a perfect adhesion, as well as satin pearls of mother-of-pearl with subtle metallized reflections.

It is free from mineral oil, phthalates, sodium laureth sulfate, paraben and fragrance, and not tested on animals.


Mavala Lip Gloss Grapefruit

MAVALA Lip Gloss Grapefruit is a nude, ultra-shiny and non-sticky lip gloss. It contains tiny shimmering particles of mother-of-pearl which make the lips sparkle like a myriad of stars.

It also contains an extract of grape seed oil, combined with emollient esters, which provides soothing, regenerating and nourishing properties to this “caring makeup product”. This oil contains polyphenols (vitamin E enriched molecules) which help to reinforce the natural protection of the lips, effectively fighting free radicals which are responsible for 80% of skin’s premature ageing. It is also free from mineral oil, phthalates and sodium laureth sulfate, not tested on animals and vegan friendly.

Thanks to its delicate vanilla scent and comfortable non-sticky wear, the MAVALA Lip Gloss Grapefruit is a pleasure to wear all day long!


Mavala Lipstick Terra Rossa

MAVALA Lipstick Terra Rossa contains a complex of botanical extracts, including candelilla wax for shine, gliding and protective film-forming effect, shea butter and aloe vera for their moisturizing, soothing, regenerating and protecting properties, and the antioxidant and free radical scavenger vitamin E. It is free from mineral oil, phthalates and sodium laureth sulfate. Not tested on animals.

Thanks to its creamy texture, this treatment lipstick glides on easily while leaving a fine and uniform layer on the lips. Hour after hour, its satin gloss remains outstanding, it stays on perfectly and its colour expresses itself with an incomparable fidelity. It provides an irresistible comfort to lips which stay soft and silky.

Its brown pink colour is a celebration of the earth and life. This versatile colour can as easily be worn during the day as on a night out. It can also be worn in the “bitten lips” manner originating from South Korea where the lips are tinted with a subtle dose of colour, faded towards the edges, or smudged as if they had been passionately kissed!