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Cream Cleanser 600x400

Antipodes Grace Gentle Cream Cleanser & Makeup Remover

Clear impurities and remove your makeup gracefully. This blissfully soothing formulation features super-antioxidant Vinanza Oxifend. Nutrient-rich avocado oil and marigold bloom gently yet effectively cleanse, freshen and soften your visage.

Elements of Beauty: Avocado oil * Vinanza Oxifend * Marigold bloom


e120ml / 4.0fl oz

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Moisture Restore Cleansing Milk – 90ml

This certified natural, gentle cleanser helps to nourish while removing make-up and impurities. Native ingredients soak skin with moisture-rich vitamins and antioxidants for a smooth, hydrated complexion. Tip: Can be used as an eye and lip make-up remover.  Recommended for: normal to dry or dehydrated skin.