manuka honey

Facecream 600x400

Antipodes Manuka Honey Skin-Brightening Light Day Cream

Restore a light and fresh visage with this bioactive day cream. Bee venom and mamaku black fern provide a gentle lifting effect. World-famous manuka honey, renowned for its health benefits, helps address any skin blemishes. Revolutionary Vinanza antioxidants from grape seeds and kiwi work with peony flower for the ultimate skin-bright finish.

Elements of Beauty: Manuka honey * Bee venom * Vinanza Grape & Kiwi

Pure Plant Fragrance: Honey

manuka honey Raw

Egmont Honey: Raw Honey 250g

Raw, pure NZ Honey. This undergoes minimal processing, ensuring it’s as close as possible to what comes out of the hive. Great in baking as substitute for refined sugar.