mineral make-up

Powder 600x400

Fitcover Active Mineral Powder Foundation

Fitcover’s Active Mineral Powder Foundation is perfect for gymgoers who want a buildable sheer to full coverage look whilst not clogging the skin’s pores or running whilst sweating. Created using all-natural ingredients, the foundation nourishes and hydrates the skin to promote cell regeneration and oxygenation while providing a protective layer with its natural SPF.

Peachy Sleep Concealer 600x400

Adorn Cosmetics Peachy Sleep Mineral Corrective Concealer

Dark under eye circles? Then you absolutely must have Adorn’s corrective, cruelty free concealer in your makeup bag! Effortlessly look more refreshed – like you just got a great night’s sleep, or came back from a dreamy vacation…. This full coverage, richly pigmented corrective concealer feels weightless on the skin and actually works better than […]


Adorn Cosmetics Loose Mineral Eye Shadows

Sick of wishy washy eye shadows that fade?

You’ll be amazed by the unrivalled depth, strength, and staying power of Adorn’s richly pigmented, pure mineral eye shadows, suitable for even the most
sensitive of eyes.

Coveted for their unparalleled performance, exceptional quality, and intensity of colour, Adorn’s mineral eye shadows are not only super long wearing, but also super long lasting- a
little goes a long way, and they will outlast other mineral products that use bulking agents and fillers.

Embrace effortless elegance with our nude and earthy coloured pigments, or go for dayinto-night glamour with our gorgeous, bright shimmers.

Certified Allergen Free, Toxin Free, Cruelty Free, Vegan and Australian Made.