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Mip Colostrum, Day Boost Formula Nu11300 1

MIP Day Boost Formula (60 Servings) – Every Day Wellness, Immune & Muscle Support, Digestive Health – NutriNZ

NutriNZ MIP Day Boost Formula provides you with a comprehensive range of numerous vitamins, minerals probiotics and fibre to help strengthen your body in its daily functions. Each serve gives you all the benefits of 2000mg Colostrum whilst also including powdered New Zealand Manuka Honey which is scientifically researched to be rich in antimicrobial and antiviral properties as well as containing powerful antioxidant properties helping to protect the body against oxidative stress. The added 1 billion beneficial Probiotics support the microbiome of the gut and support overall digestive health.
MIP Day Boost Formula is 100% natural, a highly bioavailable Superfood, nutrient-dense, low carb and dissolves easily.