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Soapnuts Earthyard

Soapnuts — Earthyard

Soap Nuts, Soap Berries and Washing Nuts are all names used to describe this mother earth provided solution to cleaning, well, everything. The berries from the Sapindus tree are harvested by hand in Nepal, dried and de-seeded leaving them looking a little like nuts, hence the name Soap Nuts. You can’t get much closer to the beauty of nature providing than this.

Soap Nuts contain Saponin which has the ability to clean and wash. When in contact with water they create a mild sud similar to common soap. Naturally anti-bacterial, anti-fungal and anti-microbial they’re a 100% pesticide free (originated from certified organic producers) eco friendly wonder cleaner.

The Dish Bar Pink Grapefruit

The Dish Bar – Pink Grapefruit — Seed & Sprout

This grime-fighting wonder bar will leave your dishes squeaky clean without cluttering your sink with a pesky plastic bottle. This Aussie made grime busting beauty has a fresh pink grapefruit scent and suds up like a champ to cut through even the toughest of grime. The Dish Bar is Certified 100% Palm Oil Free so you can clean your conscience at the same time as your dishes! One Bar is equivalent to 3.5 plastic bottles! Good for you, good for the Planet.

Rose Soap

The Shampoo Bar – Rose Geranium — Seed & Sprout

Ditching plastic bottles has never looked, smelt or felt better! Raise the Bar in your bathroom with this 100% Certified Palm Oil Free Shampoo Bar that will rival any high-end salon product. It’s Australian Made, Vegan Friendly, full of essential oils, no nasties & great for all hair types, even colour treated hair! Argan Oil hydrates and softens your hair while ​​Shea Butter moisturize the scalp and Red Clay removes dead skin cells, impurities and excess oil.

Raising the bar

Shampoo With A Purpose is championing the sustainable future of hair care with its range of shampoo and conditioner bars. We sat down with co-founder Geneva Valek to talk about no-waste beauty, how to swap your bottle for a bar and why your shampoo should be simpler.