Soap For Tradies 600x400

Country Life Soap for Tradies

Country Life Soap for Tradies has been specially formulated to help remove tough grit and grime. With natural walnut shell exfoliating particles, odour controlling properties & a specialised cooling effect, this bar will leave your skin feeling cool, clean & refreshed after a hard days work.

Bloom 600x400

Velvet Bloom Luxe Beauty Bar

Specially formulated with a synergistic blend of plant oils and extracts with added coconut milk to soothe and nourish the skin, the delicate fragrance of Bloom teases the senses with fresh fruity notes and blooming florals, providing a divine relaxing experience.


Natures Commonscents Paw Paw Soap 100gm

Paw Paw Abundant in anti-oxidants which helps control premature ageing. Breaks down inactive proteins and removes dead skin cells. Act as a non-abrasive gentle exfoliator. Good for skin health and vitality. Rejuvenates damaged skin and boosts skin cell turnover and helps soothe inflammation.