Hygiene Plus Sustain Multi Purpose Powdered Gloves

Hygiene Plus Sustain Multi-Purpose Powdered Gloves

The Hygiene Plus® Sustain™ Gloves range are made with latex sourced from FSC certified forests and are also Fair Rubber certified, ensuring primary producers receive fair compensation for their product. Hygiene Plus® Sustain™ Multi-Purpose Powdered Disposable Gloves are the hygienic way to protect your hands and food from messy jobs around the home and work. […]

Hercules Sustain Compostable Paper Sandwich Bags

Hercules Sustain Compostable Paper Sandwich Bags

Hercules® Sustain™ Compostable Paper food bags are 100% FSC certified, completely plastic free, recyclable and home compostable (once you remove the peel-away strip). Because the bags are plastic free they’re also BPA free, non-toxic and better for the environment. Each paper bag has a compostable, easy to use seal so your sandwich, dry snack or […]