Bananas clean water

Bananas are one of the more hearty of fruits. The average banana contains 440mg of potassium and less than one milligram of sodium making them good for muscles and for your blood pressure. Like the edible part of the fruit itself the banana skin has found many uses and a new one fo those seems to be that it can purify water.

Over the years many a use has been attributed to the banana peel: not only is it a timeless device for pratfalls that have underpinned many a hilarious slap-stick routine, banana peel has been used to polish silverware, buff shoes, and shine the leaves of houseplants. Now a new use has emerged as research reveals that banana peel can act as a water purifier.

A wide variety of industrial and agricultural practices these days put heavy metals into the water supply. This is a very bad thing for your health. Lead for instance, if present at toxic levels in your body can disrupt the formation of haemoglobin in blood cells, can damage nerves, and in children can disrupt normal brain development. Copper toxicity can affect the liver, kidneys, nerves, and eyes. So taking heavy metals out of drinking water is an important endeavour.

There is a school of thought that despite filtration methods heavy metals are present in our water supply at dangerous levels for the long term, so ways to remove these nasties are being sought. It seems that banana peels may be a cheap, natural option.

Previous studies have shown that natural substances like coconut fibres and peanut shells can detoxify water which is why these researchers decided to test banana peels. They found that minced banana peel can remove lead and copper from contaminated water as quickly and effectively as other, more expensive methods. The banana peel just has to be chopped and added to the water and the components of the banana peel will bind to the metals. The added bonus is that the peel can be used up to eleven times without losing its metal binding properties.

Banana peel is low cost and does not need to be changed or modified to be effective. Whether it has large scale application remains to be seen but the smaller scale options could be endless provided you don’t mind a banana-like tang to your water.

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The WellBeing Team

The WellBeing Team

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