Beetroot boosts exercise

Everyone benefits from exercising. As you get older those benefits become even more apparent but it can also be more difficult to exercise as your body ages. It may be though, that a glass of humble beetroot juice can give you the boost that you need to make exercising a real possibility.

As you age if you have conditions that relate to the heart, blood vessels, or lungs then the amount of oxygen that you take in during exercise drops significantly. That drop in oxygen capacity translates into less exercise and a spiral starts that can see you hardly exercising at all. This is where beetroot juice may help.

In recent times there have been studies suggesting that athletes can exercise for up to sixteen per longer when they take beetroot juice on a daily basis. This is because beetroot contains nitrate which causes blood vessels to open up allowing more efficient blood flow. Beetroot is also reported to reduce the amount of oxygen that muscles need to operate.

In this new study the aim was to see whether non-athletes, people who undertake low intensity exercise like walking, might also benefit from beetroot juice. To this end the researchers developed two beetroot drinks; one normal beetroot drink and another with the nitrate filtered out. Subjects then were given one of the two drinks on a daily basis and their ability to walk was measured.

The results showed that those on the normal beetroot juice used less oxygen while walking effectively reducing the effort that it took to walk by twelve per cent. No such effect occurred in the juice with the nitrate removed showing that it is the nitrate that is yielding the benefit.

Given these actions combined with its antioxidant and liver protective effects, some daily beetroot juice could make you hard to beet.

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The WellBeing Team

The WellBeing Team

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