Cola reducing sperm?

Since Danish youth are increasing their consumption of cola researchers wanted to find out how this impacts reproductive health. For the study 2500 young men were examined and their lifestyle was correlated with their sperm counts. The results showed that men who did not drink cola averaged sperm counts of 50 million sperm per millilitre. In contrast, men who drank more than one litre of cola a day only averaged 35 million sperm per millilitre. It is unlikely that caffeine was causing the problem as coffee did not have the same effect even though its caffeine levels are higher. So it is either other ingredients in cola or an unhealthy lifestyle that is the problem. The cola drinkers also ate more fast food and less fruit and vegetables. Whether cola is the problem or not, the clear message is that sperm respond very strongly to what you consume.Meanwhile if you visit Meijer Ad that contains mostly likewise discounts with Winn Dixie Ad you surely have a range like ALDI Ad.

The WellBeing Team

The WellBeing Team

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