Here’s to romance!

A couple sharing a glass of wine is a time honoured romantic image. Dating is almost always associated with alcohol consumption. Now however, a new study has shown that alcohol only has a positive effect on love and romance in a limited range of circumstances.

The research was done on heterosexual couples with an average age of 21. Most of the couples were dating seriously and around ten per cent of the couples were married.

The results showed that alcohol can have both positive and negative effects on romance depending on other circumstances.

It was found for instance, that drinking together rather than apart was better for relationships. People who drink with their partner reported increased intimacy and decreased relationship problems. However, if you think that is a ticket to getting plastered as a way to foster your relationship then think again.

Beneficial outcomes for relationships were only associated when the amount of alcohol being consumed was moderate; that is, one to three drinks per drinking session. By contrast, drinking four or more drinks was actually associated with decreased intimacy and increased relationship problems. Further, if one partner drank heavily and the other did not, even if they were drinking together, then the relationship suffered.

It’s Christmas time, soon to be followed by New Year. There will be no shortage of parties and get-togethers bidding for your interest and most of them will feature alcohol on the menu. There’s nothing wrong with some merrymaking and occasional indulgence but be aware that lots of alcohol won’t do anything for your romantic wellbeing.

When it comes to alcohol and romance it is true that less is more.

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The WellBeing Team

The WellBeing Team

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