Hush, little bully

Bullying is a major problem that is receiving significant attention at all levels of society now. Where it was once a topic thought mostly related to children we now understand that adults are also affected by bullying. Now a new study however, has thrown light on the child bullying issue and it may involve a lack of sleep.

It will help to define what it is we are talking about when we speak of “bullying”. The term “bullying” is used to describe an individual being picked on over and over again by another individual or group with more power. That power might be physical or it might be social.

Research tells us that bullies tend to target those who don’t fit in either in terms of appearance, behaviour or social status. The bullying act itself could be physical, like pushing or punching, or it might involve verbal insults. Increasingly social media is being used as a way to bully another.

Bullying is such a growing issue because of how devastating it can be to the bullied person and then in turn to all those associated with that person. Bullying victims can experience a damaged self-image, depression , and a decreased quality of life.

As far as the bullies themselves go, they tend to be at higher risk for psychiatric disorders, delinquency, substance abuse, antisocial behaviour, violence and criminal activity.

For all concerned finding answers to the bullying nexus in childhood is an important quest. So researchers interviewed parents of 341 children in an attempt to find what might provoke bullying behaviour. The parents completed validated assessment questionnaires to establish conduct problems and bullying behaviour in their children. Teachers also provided assessments of conduct problems, behaviour, and disciplinary problems in school. The researchers also assessed whether there any sleep problems with the children in the study.

The results showed that children who displayed bullying behaviour and experienced disciplinary problems at school were twice as likely to have disordered breathing during sleep leading to snoring or sleep apnoea. These children were also more sleepy during the day and the researchers said that it is the daytime sleepiness which appears to be the biggest driver of behaviour problems and bullying.

The question still remains are the bullies mean because they sleep badly or do they sleep badly because they are mean?

Whatever the answer to that, the researchers believe that addressing the causes of childhood sleepiness may offer a largely untapped opportunity to reduce aggression and bullying.

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The WellBeing Team

The WellBeing Team

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