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A decade ago blogging, if it had any meaning at all, was something that you probably shouldn’t do in public. Today blogging is one of most widespread of pastimes and it is done for everything from recreation to business promotion. Yet within that diversity researchers have found that just like anything that you do, your blogging will reveal something about your personality.

The term blog is a contraction of the phrase “web log” and it refers to any regular journaling posted on the internet. While there has been a lot of research on the potential motivations for and effects of blogging, little quantitative research has been conducted on defining the manner in which one experiences blogging. So this study did not focus on motivation for blogging but instead examined the way in which bloggers perceived and experienced their blogging activity. Essentially what was being researched was blogging style.

To do this the researchers gathered experienced bloggers and gave them a questionnaire about their blogging activity. Based on their responses the researchers identified four distinct blogging styles.

Therapeutic bloggers were open and expressive and directed to their own concerns rather than those of their readers. They were less satisfied with their friendships and scored higher on depression, anxiety and stress. For therapeutic bloggers blogging provides an emotional outlet to connect with others and to seek support.

Connected bloggers tended to be less stressed and depressed and were more satisfied with friendships, received more comments from others and have more subscribers to their blogs. They use their blogs to connect and communicate with others rather than solve emotional problems.

Self-censoring bloggers also blog to communicate, but focus on positive self-presentation rather than an honest, open, and revelatory style.

Substitution bloggers use their blogs as a substitute for face-to-face friendships. These bloggers use the internet to overcome loneliness or social anxiety. Their focus on feedback from others and readership appears to be successful since they report a higher number of subscribers and comments from their readership.

Overall, females were more likely to use a therapeutic style of blogging and males were more likely to be self-censoring or substitution style bloggers.

So blog-cadets you can forget finding yourself in numerology, the stars, or the Enneagram; your personality is revealed in your blog.

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The WellBeing Team

The WellBeing Team

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