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Alzheimer’s Disease is no fun for anyone. It is a condition that disrupts memory, thought and behaviour and is that spells devastation to the life of the sufferer as well as those around them. So it is good news when we discover that an ordinary little spice like cinnamon might play a part in Alzheimer’s prevention.

Cinnamon has been around as a food and a medicine for thousands of years. In fact, this history is why the current researchers investigated its efficacy in treating Alzheimer’s.

The Bible describes the use of a cinnamon ointment by high priests apparently to protect themselves against infection during sacrifices. Based on this knowledge the researchers investigated and found that cinnamon does contain a substance dubbed CEppt that has antiviral properties. Having established this the researchers wanted to see what else CEppt might do and part of that was testing it on mice and fruit flies with Alzheimer’s.

Yes, before you ask it, a fruit fly with Alzheimer’s does think it is a vegetable fly.

After four months of giving CEppt in the drinking water of the mice and flies, the researchers found that the development of their Alzheimer’s has slowed significantly and that their activity levels and longevity had become comparable to those of their healthy counterparts.

It seems that the CEppt extract blocked the formation of amyloid polypeptde oligomers and fibrils which make up the plaques found in Alzheimer’s patients. The added bonus was that it also seemed to begin breaking up the amyloid deposits suggesting that it might not only prevent the disease but treat it as well.

Unfortunately you would need to eat around ten grams of raw cinnamon a day to get a sufficient dose of CEppt to have these effects and that is a toxic dose of cinnamon. However, extracts of cinnamon do exist in herbal medicine and further refined extracts of CEppt will no doubt soon be available. In the meantime you can continue to enjoy the anti-viral and digestive soothing actions of this tasty spice.

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The WellBeing Team

The WellBeing Team

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