Tea protects ovaries

Tea is a healing brew on many levels. The ritual of tea making alone (even if you do use a teabag) can be a moment of serenity and focus in a frantic day. On the physical level tea also contains polyphenols that exert antioxidant actions which are good for your heart, mind and can even reduce cancer risk. Animal studies have suggested that the polyphenols from tea can reduce ovarian cancer risk but solid evidence to back this up in humans has been lacking. Ovarian cancer is diagnosed in around 1200 Australian women every year and it is often at an advanced stage when it is diagnosed meaning that it has often spread to other organs. To address the lack of firm human evidence linking tea drinking to ovarian cancer risk researchers from the Queensland Institute of Medical Research have conducted a new study looking at almost 2800 Australian women, of these 1368 women had developed ovarian cancer. They also reviewed all available studies on the topic. Their results showed that drinking one or more cups of green tea daily may reduce your risk of developing ovarian cancer by 40 per cent. This is not to say that black tea will not provide any benefit but green tea is the best source of polyphenols and so shows the strongest link. The difference between green and black teas is that while they come from the same plant, green tea is not fermented. While not mentioned in this research a relatively new player in the tea market is white tea which like green tea is not fermented but is picked while the tea leaves and bud are still young and have white hairs on them. White tea has similar polyphenol levels to green tea. All of these varieties are remarkably healthful drinks and according to this latest research have specific benefits for the ovaries. Was it the Romantic poet John Donne who wrote,
“What a pleasant beverage
Is this tea,
That it so loves,
Your ovary.”
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The WellBeing Team

The WellBeing Team

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