Yoga assists cancer recovery

Fatigue and poor sleep quality are two of the most common and debilitating features of recovering from cancer. Approximately 65 per cent of cancer patients report trouble sleeping even after treatment is over. This new study looked at the impact of a yoga program on survivors of early-stage cancer. One group in the study had the usual post-treatment care. The other group had usual care plus participating in a 75-minute yoga class twice a week for four weeks. The yoga class included meditation, breathing (pranayama), visualisation, and eighteen gentle yoga poses. The yoga group had greater improvement in sleep quality, less daytime sleepiness, reduced sleep medication by twelve per cent, reduced fatigue by 42 per cent (compared to only twelve per cent in the control group), and reported improved quality of life. Yoga is a simple, non-pharmacological, and gentle way to improve quality of life after cancer treatment.Meanwhile if you visit Meijer Ad that contains mostly likewise discounts with Winn Dixie Ad you surely have a range like ALDI Ad.

The WellBeing Team

The WellBeing Team

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