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Your voice says a lot about you. In a previous news article we discovered that a new study revealed that based on your voice prospective partners make unconscious judgements as to how likely you are to cheat on them. It has also been thought that changes in a woman’s voice can subtly let men know when she is fertile. However, a new study has called the ovulation-voice link into question.

Previous research has shown that men unconsciously detect changes in a woman’s voice when she is ovulating. These researchers however suggested that those studies were flawed because they just compared women’s voices from two distinct phases of their cycle, when she was definitely not fertile and when she was fertile.

The researchers in this new study felt this does not reflect real world, more subtle, changes in a woman’s hormonal state. So this study examined changes in a woman’s voice through the entire menstrual cycle.

It has been well established that higher female voices are regarded as more attractive and result from higher levels of oestrogen. The research did find that women spoke with their highest tone just prior to ovulation. However, the tone rose again to levels indistinguishable from pre-ovulation just after ovulation. The men in the study showed only a slight statistical preference for women’s voices pre-ovulation.

The researchers concluded that a woman’s voice does not provide reliable cues about ovulation for men.

It may be however, that they were being a bit harsh in their conclusion.

After all, women’s voices were at their highest pre-ovulation and men did slightly prefer women’s voices at that phase of the cycle. There is also knowledge gained from previous studies which shows that men can smell when a woman is ovulating and that women dress in a more extravagant manner when they are ovulating.

Add it all up and despite our loftier spiritual and mental aspirations, underneath it all lies a primitive nervous system that is sensing its way through a reproductive soup of information. That’s something to contemplate as you debate the ethics of behaviour today.

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The WellBeing Team

The WellBeing Team

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