An intriguing insight into your natural health business

written by The WellBeing Team

It’s been a while since you have heard from me, and there’s a good reason. Interestingly, that reason has given me some remarkable (and heartwarming) insights into your business as a natural health practitioner.

Please allow me to explain.

You see, for a normally robustly healthy bloke, for the last two months I have been well and truly sick. The details aren’t that important (it seems to stem from a bunch of parasites I was unlucky enough to pick up in Indonesia), but the fact is, for the last eight weeks or so, I have had next to no energy and no stamina. I have felt horrible, looked 10 years older than I am, been mentally as sharp as a rusty old razor blade and generally been running on about 50 per cent.

It’s been frustrating, as well as inconvenient, as we have also been relocating our lives back to Australia and moving house for the umpteenth time in two years, which as you can imagine is just loads of fun.

So, unfortunately, I have been too knackered and unable to think clearly enough to update my blog and keep you abreast of breaking news and ideas in the business of natural health. For this I apologise, and I would like to make it up to you with a special free offer which I will outline at the end of this message.

Importantly, I have also visited an unusually large number of natural health practitioners and seen once again at first hand what outstanding and mostly unrecognised brilliance there is out there amongst natural health practitioners. In my quest to regain all of my energy back, I have had consultations with naturopaths, kinesiologists, acupuncturists, integrative GPs, chiropractors and even medical intuitives in order to get better. (In fairness, because many of these guys are my clients, I probably see more than an average number of modalities.)

The experiences, advice and results I have had from these practitioners range from “very good” right through to “unbelievably brilliant”. I would like to take this opportunity to express my sincere gratitude to everyone who has helped me so far, and also to each and every natural therapist out there (you included!) for making such valuable services commercially available in our community, often against considerable economic odds.

It’s inspiring and also humbling to know that there are fantastic practitioners out there who are prepared to deal with all the setbacks, hassles and risk of being in practice in order to continue offering a service that they believe in and is of such value to those in need. So please, if you include yourself in the natural health category, give yourself a pat on the back and realise that there are people out there (like me) who really do value and appreciate you, and would really miss you if you weren’t there.

It has also been instructional for me to see a natural therapies practice through the eyes of a patient again. And, when the patient is also a business coach/profit strategist as I am, there is one thing that becomes glaringly obvious: most natural therapy practices (even the successful ones) are a goldmine of untapped business opportunity.

I have yet to meet a practice owner or solo practitioner who is not sitting on untapped profits in their practice. Profits that could easily be realised by addressing simple things like:

So I have decided that rather than let the year wind down by surfing and planting out my new vegie garden (yes we have finally moved to our perfect farm in the Byron Bay hinterland), I’d like to give back to those who helped me and every practitioner who does similar every day by offering some free business training on how to simply and easily learn these skills and techniques.

I’m calling it my “Natural Therapies Business Masterclass Series”, and it will run via an online seminar (or webinar) so that practitioners all over Australasia and around the world can participate in it.

You can register online for my masterclass. Attendance is limited to 100 for each class, so my advice is to register quickly so that you don’t miss out.

There will be no charge to attend the webinars, and no obligation of any kind to participate in any further paid programs. Its just my way of saying “thanks” to each and every praccie out there, and perhaps give you a further insight into our unique method of business mentoring for your practice.

I look forward to sharing some profitable (and life changing) insights with you then!



PS For those who have been asking, yes I am feeling a LOT better now and, despite not being at 100 per cent just yet, I feel well on my way to it!

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