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Celebrate 50 years of Nature Care College

At Nature Care, we love what we do and are very excited to celebrate 50 years of being at the forefront of educating people to take a holistic approach to health and healing, with a focus on preventive natural healthcare.

Aptly named by founder Catherine McEwan, the college’s name comes from the term “Nature Cure” which was used throughout Europe in the 18th century to describe naturopathy. The attentive and nourishing concept of “Care” replaced “Cure” and Nature Care College was born in 1973.

Nature Care has continued to be a unique community for those seeking a deeper understanding of health and wellbeing, offering an extensive range of natural medicine modalities. One of the most rewarding aspects for our inspiring and passionate teachers over the last 50 years is receiving the heartfelt gratitude from our community. We treasure that our purpose helps others to be productive on the planet.

Why is natural therapies education so important?

Now more than ever people are seeking more fulfilling, purposeful lives and are looking to the world of health and wellbeing to find          it.\

As we live longer, we need to enjoy a higher quality of life. There’s more to wellness than eating well and exercising. We need to learn to foster a life that nurtures a healthy mind, body and spirit.

Science and research are telling us that how we think, feel, see and engage with the world affects our cellular biology — our overall health. This is something that the ancient healers and civilisations of the world have known for thousands of years. Since 1973, our purpose has been to provide a platform for holistic practitioners to pass on their wealth of knowledge and educate people on how to take a holistic approach to health and healing and lay the foundations for future holistic practitioners.

Looking to learn something new or transition into a career you love?

The benefits of learning are numerous. The routine of study, staying in touch and having a sense of purpose brings many meaningful wellness benefits. It’s never too late to break out of your normal patterns, learn to live your optimal life and improve your emotional wellbeing.

Whether you are after a rewarding career or looking to grow, Nature Care provides the opportunity to pursue your passions and find your purpose. Courses are offered in a wide range of modalities such as:

  • Clinical nutritional medicine
  • Clinical Western herbal medicine
  • Clinical naturopathy
  • Natural remedies
  • Homoeopathy
  • Herbal remedies
  • Iridology
  • Holistic wellness coaching
  • Food and nutrition coaching
  • Wholefood and plant-based nutrition
  • Ayurvedic healing
  • Energetic health
  • Meditation facilitation
  • Aromatherapy
  • Astrology
  • Short courses
  • Continuing professional education

Nature Care graduate Lee Homes from Supercharged Food

“For anyone passionate about a career in health and wellness, Nature Care provides a firm foundation to springboard into your chosen field. Their tangible approach and holistic courses are not only inspiring and refreshing but also contribute to making the world a happier and healthier place.”

6 benefits of studying at Nature Care

  1. A holistic-focused curriculum
    Nature Care is renowned for its natural medicine curriculum developed with a core holistic focus underpinned with the right balance of science.
  2. Approved ATMS education provider
    Nature Care is an approved education provider for their Advanced Diploma Clinical Practitioner courses in naturopathy, herbal medicine, nutrition and continuing professional education courses with the Australian Traditional Medicine Society (ATMS).
  3. Flexible study options
    Learning motivation is created through weekly live scheduled classes. Enjoy the ease of watching your classes live online with a trainer or watch the class recordings in line with your own weekly study schedule, or do both — the choice is yours!
  4. Learn from experienced educators
    You receive enormous benefit in your learning experience from a range of successful and skilled practitioners who make it their purpose to pass on their extensive knowledge while inspiring you with their passion. Exposure to such depth of clinical experience provides Nature Care students with the confidence to graduate as work-ready practitioners.
  5. Accessible clinical training
    Clinical practice is the most interactive phase of your training and is where final-year students put their knowledge into practice, treating members of the public under the supervision of experienced practitioners and educators. Half of your clinical training hours can be completed live online in Nature Care’s virtual Wellness Centre under the mentoring of our clinical training practitioners. The remaining 50 per cent can be completed on campus in our Sydney Clinic or by an externally approved practitioner.
  6. Quality education with great-value courses
    The college’s holistic curriculum and experienced educators are complemented with great-value courses to support people transitioning into work they love. In addition to attractive course costs, which are the most affordable in the industry, there is a range of payment options to choose from including flexible term-by-term payment plans.

WellBeing Team

WellBeing Team

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Celebrate 50 years of Nature Care College

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