energy clues

The importance of understanding energy clues

Discover “energy clues” that warn of danger and nurture us from within. Explore how energy flows and impacts daily life.

Energy may warn us of danger. It manifests in many ways and nurtures us from within. Its essence is compatible with and is familiar to every being.

Have you ever experienced a day or even an hour when everything went smoothly? For example, you wake up before your alarm feeling well-rested and enjoy your morning rituals at your own pace. You find space to meditate, journal or read, and you know the precise outfit you’d like to wear because the colours and textures feel harmonious to your current inner hues. You mindfully walk through your neighbourhood, noticing new flowers and leaves that opened overnight. Your bus is on time, and you get to sit with someone you thought about just a few days ago but never have a chance to catch up with. You feel the warmth in your heart for this opportunity to reconnect and have a meaningful conversation that inspires you both.

Synchronicity is an indicator of energetic flow. “She/ he/they are in their element today” is the best compliment if you understand energy as it’s connected to inner joy. Take a moment to reflect on one time you felt joyful. Where in your body did you feel joy? What were the characteristics of that experience?

My own reflection involves my first interaction with Nature Care College. At the time, I worked in a very mentally demanding role as a software architect and was always on the lookout for ways to de-stress and unwind. Due to health challenges in the past, I was drawn to adopting healthy practices into my life, and one day someone in my yoga class mentioned Nature Care College, so I decided to check them out.

Pursuing the website, my gut went, “This is what I am talking about”, and my hands started to buzz as I read the names of the subjects. They teach what? Am I dreaming? Being a person of action, the next moment I was enrolled into a course in Energetic Healing.

It all felt so right to me (even though my family was a little surprised at my choice of further study!) and I still reflect on this feeling 14 years later. The number of synchronicities that I experienced during that period is still unbelievable to me — I fit my family, work and studying two qualifications into my life. Looking back, I don’t know how I did it, but I’m so glad I pursued this urge within, this energy clue.

Fast-forward a decade, and I have come full circle. I am a practising energy healer and am blessed to be one of the trainers at the Energetic Health Faculty at Nature Care College.

Like myself, the course program has undergone a transformation over the years. As a foundation course in Energy Healing, it allows graduates to:

• Apply self-care practices in response to their body’s energy clues;

• Practise deep listening skills for self and others;

• Utilise energetic tools to transform stuck, or residual energy;

• Continually improve wellbeing for self and others by mastering energetic language skills.

The Professional Certificate in Energetic Health is delivered online in a safe and nurturing environment, is quality-assured by the industry body, International Energetic Healing Association (, and is suitable for energy-curious and experienced practitioners alike.

If this resonates, please join your fellow intuitives in mastering your energetic health.

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WellBeing Team

WellBeing Team

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energy clues

The importance of understanding energy clues

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