Creating a happy home for your hobbies

Given that the hustle and bustle of the daily grind can often take its toll on our mental wellbeing, it is important to create a home that is joyful, welcoming and warm. Aside from creating a relaxing haven to retreat to, our homes should also nurture our passions and hobbies. Extra-curricular activities can offer a sense of purpose and excitement, and some can even be explored through the comforts of your own four-walls.

The team at Metricon have collated their ideas to transform your home into a fortress of fun! So, however you enjoy spending your downtime, here are five ways to create a happy abode.

1.For the home master-chef


For the budding home-cook, a kitchen upgrade might be the secret ingredient to fuelling that fire, allowing you to fully enjoy your time in the heart of the home, whilst you experiment with recipes to your heart’s content! If you love whipping up a feast (or two), there are many ways to give your kitchen a bit of a spruce-up, enabling you to nurture your culinary passions. From a well-organised butler’s pantry, a lavish marble benchtop, new cabinetry and shelving or new appliances – the options are endless when you’re considering splurging on building your dream kitchen.

2.For the film-buff


Who doesn’t love a good streaming session? Whether you’re binging the latest talked-about series or gearing up for a solid movie marathon, investing in a dedicated theatre room will assist to maximise your viewing pleasure. Audio-visual aspects can certainly be enhanced within a dedicated space to recreate and capture the excitement of a night out at the movies. Planning the perfect home-theatre room can be achieved in a few simple steps.

3.For the fur-parents


There’s no denying that pets offer a great deal of affection and love, so it comes as no surprise that many people are opting to adopt or purchase a companion to grow their family. Creating a pet-friendly home is integral to ensuring a long-lasting and happy space for both the human occupants, and the animals. Durable and easy-to-clean flooring is one consideration, as is a cat/dog door. Making use of shaded areas is also important and being cautious to place poisonous plants out of reach.

4.For the passionate Picasso


If you love to get your hands dirty with some Ghost-style pottery sessions, or if the creative possibilities posed by a blank canvas awaiting to be painted absolutely thrill you, you certainly deserve a space that will encourage your creativity to have an outlet. Perhaps you’re handy in other ways and enjoy tinkering with gadgets, machines and tools? Regardless of your chosen activity, a double garage can easily be transformed into a workshop by removing one car to make room for your hobby. Alternatively, a spare bedroom or study could be turned into an arts and crafts room.

5.For the workaholic


Some people just can’t get enough of their job – and that’s great, if you love what you do, all power to you! When working from home however, it is integral to have a dedicated nook or room that is separate from where you sleep and relax. This is simply to signal to your brain when and where it is time to switch off. A dedicated home office will also allow you to focus better when you are clocked on. Consider things like location, lighting and storage when planning the perfect home office.

As a society, we are spending an increasing number of time within our homes, to not only work but also for leisure. There are many ways to plan for and design your space according to how you enjoy spending your free time. Whether it be cooking or crafting, working or watching, or playing with a furry friend – Metricon can assist in creating your dream home to best suit your lifestyle.

Written by Catherine Falalis

Cat Falalis

Cat Falalis

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