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EatWell 2023 Yummies Winners!

It’s finally here … it’s time to announce our EatWell Yummies 2023 WINNERS!

We asked you to vote for your favourite healthy snacks, cooking products and kitchen appliances that help you live a healthy, wholesome life.

Over 17,000 WellBeing readers have had their say, and without further ado, here are your Eatwell Yummies 2023 Winners!


WINNER: Dips & Spreads
Chris’ Foods, Tzatziki

Chris’ Homestyle Tzatziki is a classic staple in the Chris’ range. Designed to be in the fridge at all times to elevate any food occasion.


WINNER: Drinks
Naked Life Spirits, Non-Alcoholic Cocktails

Naked Life Non-Alcoholic cocktails are Australia’s favourite.
Fifteen favourite cocktails, from Margarita to Mojito, Cosmo to Martini and more, we use distilled botanicals to create unmistakable taste, all no sugar and low in calories.



WINNER: Healthy Meals
Amy’s Kitchen, Rice mac & Cheese

Organic rice noodles with a rich creamy cheese sauce – We’ve created a gluten free, rice noodle Mac & Cheese that’s just as good as the original.


WINNER: Kitchenware & Appliances
Falcon Nexus Steam 110cm Induction Cooker

With multiple cooking zones there are almost no limits when steaming, roasting, baking, boiling, grilling, and searing with Falcon’s Nexus Steam 110cm induction cooker!



WINNER: Savoury & Sweet Snacks
Corn Thins® Multigrain

Corn Thins® Multigrain made simply by popping grains of corn, so taste delicious like popcorn in a crispbread. Healthy can be tasty


WINNER: Supplements & Health Tonics
myBrainCo, Nootropic Greens™

The ultimate daily nutritional boost for the body and mind.
Packed with a delicious blend of type 1 & 2 collagen, vitamins, minerals, organic wholefoods, superfoods and mushrooms



WINNER: Sustainable Cleaners & Household Goods
DeSolv-it, Multipurpose Cleaner

A CHOICE recommended cleaner for many years. Made in Australia with 100% active ingredients, the natural citrus base works well on many kitchen cleaning challenges.

Organic Merchant Shine Dust

Organic Merchant, Shine Dust

This raw cacao beauty tonic has been formulated with certified organic dandelion, chicory and triphala to support radiant complexion, hair and nails through anti-inflammatory, anti-aging and immune-boosting compounds.




WINNER: Australian Certified Organic
Cleaver’s Organic, Scotch Fillet Steak

Cleaver’s Organic does things differently, so you can feel good about the food you love. Leading the way in certified organic and sustainable meat, we make it easy for you to enjoy tasty and healthy meals, without compromise. It’s sustainably delicious!


WellBeing Team

WellBeing Team

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