Get naked and treat your skin — chatting with Jaybird Skincare about ‘bare’ beauty

We talk to Jaybird Skincare about their stripped-down philosophy towards beauty.

There are a lot of businesses in the beauty industry that are all about filler. One company that bucks the trend and strips away the nasties that can come with mass-produced products is Jaybird Skincare.

“The name Jaybird Skincare stems from the saying, ‘Naked as a jaybird’, representing my business’s ethos for ‘naked’ products with no hype, no fillers — just pure natural, organic ingredients and no nasty chemicals. They’re naked,” Sonja Coburn, founder and owner of Jaybird Skincare, says. “Each and every ingredient in our product formulations has a single purpose: to nourish and nurture the skin.”

As we head into the cooler months, this vision is extra important. Treating your skin in winter is essential to keep it in optimal condition.

One seasonal must-have from Jaybird Skincare is the Hydrating HA Serum from the brand’s Mix range. “This beautiful serum has been designed to hydrate all skin types and can be added to every regime,” Coburn says.

The serum is vegan, cruelty-free, non-toxic and small-batch produced right here on Australian shores along with the rest of the products in the Jaybird Skincare ranges, which include moisturisers, cleansers, toning mists, serums, eye creams and more. “Our formulations, while targeting specific skin types, can also be mixed and matched together, allowing you to tailor-make a perfect fit for your skin depending on your needs,” Coburn says.

The Jaybird Skincare ingredients include Australian native extracts and botanicals. Think antioxidant-rich quandong and Kakadu plum, rejuvenating desert lime and soothing lemon myrtle — the list is decadent, revitalising and enticing. “These botanicals can’t be found anywhere else in the world, and we love that we can showcase our country and our rich diversity of Australian flora through our products,” Coburn says.

As for what’s next for the brand, the sky is truly the limit — but a little birdie told us that there may be a targeted mature skincare range in the works. “For now, we are just so excited to have finally launched and for our products to be available for purchase via our beautiful website,” Coburn says. And when you do purchase from their range, make sure you tag @jaybirdskincare and hashtag #jaybirdjustasyouare on your socials so they can share your beautiful skin and face on their pages.


WellBeing Team

WellBeing Team

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