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Learn about Udder Delights Organic Story

Udder Delights and organic brand Divine Dairy produce some of the tastiest, creamiest cheese in Australia. Maddison Henriks, marketing co-ordinator, tells us more.

Tell our readers the Udder Delights story.

Udder Delights has been an iconic South Australian cheese company for more than 20 years, bringing you some of the best handmade artisan cheese in Australia. Our brand began with two little goats called Nora and Nell who produced goat’s milk on a raspberry farm. Estelle and Trevor Dunford, the founders of Udder Delights, one day decided to take this milk and create goat’s cheese … not knowing they were about to begin a journey of some of the best cheesemaking in Australia. Soon enough, our brand grew to include cow’s milk cheesemaking and the creation of our now iconic brie.

It wasn’t until 2010, when we partnered with the amazing Chandler family from Mulgundawa Dairy, that our organic journey began. With the milk industry doing it tough, we saw an opportunity to help Mulgundawa Dairy stay on its feet while investing in some of the richest and creamiest milk the SA dairy industry has to offer.

This is where the brand Divine Dairy was born. We have partnered solely with Mulgundawa Dairy to create delicious organic produce. Using our years of experience with making Udder Delights cheese at our factory in Lobethal, Adelaide Hills, we took high-quality organic milk and turned it into an awesome organic brand of its own. Divine Dairy cheese tells the story of our organic journey with every bite and represents how much our dairy farmers, our land and our healthy customers mean to us.

Today, Divine Dairy continues to successfully feed organic cheese to happy customers alongside the new Udder Delights organic range that is exclusive to Costco Australia stores. We are so happy that we can share our delicious organic products through so many avenues nationwide, and we can’t wait for many more years of cheesemaking.

If a reader was new to Udder Delights or Divine Dairy, which product in your range should they start with and why?

When trying our organic range for the first time, we recommend tasting our classic brie to begin with. The classic brie is the absolute heart and soul of our brand and represents the years of cheesemaking skills and knowledge that have been used to create what we believe to be some of the best cheese in Australia! White mould cheese is our specialty and with the use of creamy, delicious organic milk, our brie is rich in flavour and texture.

Organic certification is important to your business; tell our readers more about your organic offerings.

Udder Delights’ sub-brand, Divine Dairy, provides the main offering of organic products for our customers to enjoy. Sold in many stores across Australia, this brand takes milk solely from local family dairy farm Mulgundawa Dairy and creates a range full of various white mould cheeses and blue cheese. From brie to camembert, to double-cream brie and blue vein cheese, these products are made so delicious by the high-quality organic milk from our hard-working farmers.

Udder Delights also has a smaller range of 100 per cent organic white mould cheese products throughout Costco. These cheeses are on the larger side, making them perfect for feeding all the friends and family or just the average cheese lover. These products are exclusive to Costco stores and are definitely a step up in organic richness from our conventional milk products.

What is one of the highlights of your organic journey to date?

The biggest highlight of our organic journey has been working with such amazing and hard-working dairy farmers. It is so rewarding to have a close-knit relationship with the Chandler family at Mulgundawa Dairy and be able to promote their high-quality milk through some of our best-selling products.

Where can we buy Divine Dairy and Udder Delights products?

Divine Dairy organic cheese is stocked in independent supermarkets across Australia, boasting a wide reach to many customers in and out of metro areas, while the Udder Delights Organic Range is exclusive to Costco Australia supermarkets.

For more information, visit divinedairy.com.au and udderdelights.com.au http://udderdelights.com.au or call 08 8389 6009.

WellBeing Team

WellBeing Team

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