Lockdown Inspiration: What the WellBeing team are currently reading & listening to

Lockdown Inspiration: What the WellBeing team are currently reading & listening to

Reviews by Kate Duncan, Georgia Nelson & Chloë Beckley

Looking for some new lockdown inspiration? Check out our latest book reviews and feed your mind and soul with our go-to reads and podcasts.

Unlikely life-altering friendships, gender dysphoria, drugs, homelessness and drag queens — author Craig Silvey is back with a book that encapsulates a struggle across generations. Honeybee charts an intense and emotionally driven path filled with the highs and lows of finding your identity and embracing it — and not just among friends and family but within yourself. Honeybee is a heartbreakingly powerful story of resilience, hope and struggle. Reminding us of the power of acceptance, representation and love, the book is a gripping must-read of its time. Honeybee, in our eyes, is a new Australian classic that will undoubtedly bring a deeper understanding of what it is to be a trans youth trying to find your place in a heteronormative world. CB

Home Body
If you’re looking for meaningful poetry that you can lose yourself in on a rainy afternoon, Rupi Kaur’s Home Body is for you. Home Body effortlessly captures emotions, thoughts and social issues in the most heartbreaking of ways, yet there’s a sense of healing at the turn of each page. Author Kaur delves into the devastation of trauma, mental health and loss amid the elation of love and community, all while exploring the power of femininity. In a time where humanity is not only disconnected from one another but our own selves too, Home Body is the antidote we need to restore our sense of self and remind us that we are not alone. GN

The Complete Book of Dreams
Do you often have outlandish, indecipherable dreams? Or do you wake with no recollection of your dreaming mind’s adventures? From enhancing your sleep patterns to decoding your dreams and inspiring your child’s dreams, The Complete Book of Dreams is the ultimate guide to enhancing your sleeping and dreaming habits. Author Stephanie Gailing details the history of dreaming, the meaning of nightmares, the importance of creating a sleep sanctuary and unlocking the healing powers of the dream realm. In it, you’ll find practical tips, dream journal designs and natural remedies to support the dreaming mind such as flower oils, crystals and herbs. Keep the book on your bedside table for daily reference or pop it on your coffee table for an enchanting centrepiece that makes for a great conversation starter. GN

Home by Natural Harry
Ditch your shopping habits, reduce your waste and DIY your way to a sustainable, low-tox life with Home by Natural Harry. Packed cover to cover with natural homemade recipes to sustain a slow and waste-free lifestyle, Birrell covers everything from the kitchen to your wardrobe; think bulk food store essentials, two-minute recipes for cleaning products, fermented pantry staples, dog wash, smudge sticks, skincare essentials and even DIY dried flowers. Plus, the book is filled with beautiful imagery and handy tips, so it looks as good in your book stack as it does on display. The thoughtful compendium will become your eco bible and teach you how to embrace the beauty of a frugal lifestyle. GN

The Beat of Life
What do you know about your heart, other than it’s the place where you feel love? Every day, your heart pumps 9000 litres of blood around your body and beats 1000,000 times. Isn’t that incredible? The Beat of Life is a fascinating exploration into the complex relationship between the heart, brain and human spirit. Join Dr Reinhard Friedl, a surgeon who has, quite literally, held thousands of hearts in his hands, as he examines the latest findings in neurocardiology and psychocardiology. Sharing his discoveries, Friedl uses personal anecdotes to illustrate the complex and beautiful relationship between the heart, brain and the psyche. If you’re looking to have your mind expanded and your heart opened, The Beat of Life will do both of those things, but most of all it will make you appreciate your every heartbeat. KD


The Cut
Activism, sex, wellness, anxiety, tarot, sobriety — you never know what you’re going to get when it comes to the modern culture podcast The Cut. You can be sure however that each episode will deliver an insightful conversation to keep you entertained. The 2020 relaunch of The Cut, hosted by writer and producer Avery Trufelman, brought with it a timely abundance of thought-provoking interviews and captivating stories that perfectly captured life as we know it. Why are we obsessed with rich people’s problems? How radical are you? Would you have a wedding over Zoom? Tune in to The Cut for fresh perspectives and unique concepts. GN

The WellBeing Team

The WellBeing Team

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