Love for the Lonely on Valentine’s Day

At some stage in everyone’s life we will be lonely on Valentine’s Day.  Break-ups, divorce, death, separation thru work commitments or just not been able to find the right one. It’s not easy being lonely in a sea of bright red hearts found blooming in newsagencies, shopping centres and magazines. A reminder, love is not yours on Valentine’s Day. Haven’t they heard the Beatles song, don’t they know you can’t buy me love?

What can you do if you are lonely and it’s Valentine’s Day? I believe in nurturing the mind, body and soul whether you are sharing Valentine’s Day or alone.  The flower essence Aspen fear of the unknown and Mimulus fear of the known are great flower essences to temper feeling lonely. On a program I watched recently on the ABC they said rejection and pain both register in the same part of the brain, creating fear of these reoccurring. Aspen and Mimulus would be great to take leading up to and during Valentine’s Day. Mix them with Buttercup, a flower essence that allows you to feel good about yourself, and Larch to see yourself with confidence. If your heart has recently been broken then add the flower essence Bleeding Heart to the mix, this will ease the pain of loss and allow acceptance for a possible brighter future. Or the homoeopathic Ignatia, to take for unresolved grief. Personally I believe many would benefit keeping Ignatia in the medicine chest. I am sure I have taken a bucket of it in my life time. The essential oils are wonderful to use and would be of great benefit on Valentine’s Day. The essential oil Clary Sage elevates the mood and Rose to open the heart to love. These essential oils can be placed on pulse points such as inside the wrist, base of skull and on the sternum or added to a bath to soak in.

For food I would chose that which holds fond memories. It can be baking an apple pie like Mum use to make or jelly and ice-cream like you use to have as a child. Eating Mangoes and not being fussed about the messy face. Chose food that makes you feel good whilst eating it and after eating it. Remember today is about feeling good about yourself. Gorging yourself with chocolate then feeling lousy afterwards isn’t going to work. Keeping well hydrated is just as important as the food you chose. Dehydration and feeling lonely is not a good combination. Both make you feel low in energy and lacking motivation for what could be an amazing life.

Don’t forget the music to play in the back ground whilst you are soaking in the tub or cooking up a storm in the kitchen. This is purely a choice you make. Opera, classical, jazz, and alternative music or nature-sounds, there are sounds and songs out there to soothe your heart bringing a bit of mellowness or revving it up. Again that’s your choice. I personally love the Dog Days are Over by Florence and the Machine and the Flower Duet by Cerise

I believe there is someone for everyone in this world to love. We may have already been with our one true love or are still looking. We can use Valentine’s Day to bask in the memory of that love or trust love is still on its way.

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The WellBeing Team

The WellBeing Team

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