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Peace is my priority

We chat to Katherine Hay, a mother, clinical nutritionist, the founder of Honest Health Co and proud ANTA member.

When and why did you first decide to study natural therapies?  

I started studying Naturopathy back in 2008 because I loved understanding how the human body functioned and how natural medicine could provide such positive health outcomes for people. I ended up finishing my degree in a Bachelor of Health Science majoring in Nutritional Medicine. I love how the body requires nutrients to function and how we can implement this in clinical practice to see clients achieve their health goals with holistic interventions.

What are some of the benefits you enjoy from your ANTA membership?

It is incredible to have access to resources to support my clinic, my continued education and to keep up to date with the industry. I love having access to webinars on topics I am interested in, up to date research when it emerges and to know I have support and guidance with ANTA within my clinical practice.

 In the last five years, what new belief or habit has most improved your life?

I have really been focusing on my emotional wellbeing. I start the day with small achievable goals to set myself up for a calm nervous system throughout the day. I incorporate protein within my breakfast, some form of movement every day, no social media in my bedroom and coffee always after breakfast. This has a flow on effect within my clinic and being a mother – my mantra this year is “peace is my priority”.

 What are three things we can do to support our nervous systems in times of stress?

I always ask my clients what brings them joy and we make their answer a focus point for a daily habit that can support them when in stressful moments. Breathing techniques are very useful and can help stimulate the vagus nerve to bring the body back into parasympathetic nervous system activation which is our “rest and digest” nervous system.

Another tip is to never drink coffee on an empty stomach due to the increase in cortisol and how that can manifest as stress throughout the day.

 What are you excited to see more of in the future, in terms of natural therapists and healing practices?

I would love to see more funding in good quality research across all modalities of natural medicine because this industry is one of the biggest in the world. People want to invest in their health, and we can be these practitioners for people. The more we are recognised for our practices to be legitimate and based on new and evolving research the better we can be at supporting the population and people around us.

What is next for you?

I am very excited to announce I have co-founded a new supplement company called Honest Health Co. I have been in clinical practice for over eight years now and I understand what people need and desire in a supplement. That is why my business partner and I created Honest Health Co. We want to provide the best supplement formulations that have been designed with highly activated nutrients and herbs to support people’s health. Honest, meaning we have full transparency across our ingredients and excipient list and what you see is what you get.

We are here to change the supplement scene in Australia (and globally) because there is a deep need for evidence-based supplements and the best quality supplements for consumers to feel confident they are making the best choice for their health. Can you tell I am excited?

For more, follow @katherine_hay_nutritionist on instagram and visit australiannaturaltherapistsassociation.com.au

Kate Duncan

Kate Duncan

Kate Duncan is the Editor of WellBeing and WILD. She loves surfing, creating raw desserts, flowing through nourishing yoga sequences and spending time with her new pooch, Maribou.

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