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A simple guide to mindful writing and mindfullness scheduling

A simple guide to mindful writing and tips to scheduling mindfulness into your life by ColourHide, known for their colourful and environmentally-conscious stationery. 

Mindful Writing

Every day, Australians pick up a pen and a notebook for many reasons, such as to write down to do lists, meeting minutes, study notes, grocery lists and even visions and goals. These little lists all form the initial part of mindful writing.

The practice of mindful writing has become increasingly popular, as people are becoming more aware of their mental health and wanting to lead a healthy life with a healthy mind.

Mindfulness is the ability to be fully present, this is becoming very difficult with the use and increasing dependability of technology. Our minds are becoming inundated with information constantly, so having a way to extract all that information and write it down is so important.

A notebook is the blank canvas everyone needs to write down their dreams, plans and goals. Writing is a way to destress and to get organised. Without writing down information, things on your mental to do list can be forgotten, mistakes can be made, and stress is increased.

Writing down notes is proven to increase critical thinking and deeper cognitive processing of the material than typing. From a student’s perspective, with major exams still being pen and paper, it is important to maintain this habit whilst studying to increase memory recall and overall sustain mindfulness during stressful periods.

Sustainable stationery for a healthy life

ColourHide has just released a new collection with notebook covers made from ocean-bound plastic, so you don’t have to worry about saving the ocean, your ColourHide notebook has already done that for you!

A bit about ColourHide

ColourHide is known for bright and vibrant stationery. Over the years, ColourHide has updated the colour range and refined the product offering, the next step for ColourHide was to explore a point of difference within the category and make a positive impact to the planet. After extensive research, ColourHide has chosen to partner with Ocean works to create an ocean friendly range of stationery with covers that are made from ocean bound recycled plastic. The range includes A4 120PG Notebooks, A4 250PG 5-Subject Notebook and Zipper Binders, designed in 3 vibrant colours with ocean printed designs. The colours include Coral Star Fish, Aqua Whale and Charcoal Shark. This range is available exclusively at Officeworks.

Mindfulness Schedule

Mindfulness and meditation are powerful activities you can take each day to get closer to yourself,  your mind, and your deep thoughts. Your ColourHide notebook is your blank canvas, where you can start fresh every day. Keeping a journal with a lock and key as a child, may seem silly now but in fact, writing down your thoughts and what happened in your day is very effective and humbling.

If you’re struggling with mindfulness and are unsure how to start this process, here is a little guide below:

1. Find a time that best suits you

Are you an early riser or a night owl?

Pick a time during the day where you don’t have to rush to or from work or other commitments or even try and wake up 10 minutes early. Making time for yourself during the day is worth more than you realise.

2. Find a comfortable spot

Dedicate a spot in your home, purely for mindfulness. In this spot, you won’t have any distractions and you can isolate yourself from your responsibilities (temporarily!). Get comfortable! Get a comfy cushion, a blanket, your favourite stuffed animal and just zone out of your surroundings.

3. Turn your phone off!!

There will be no TikTok distractions in the happy place! Turn your phone on silent for 10 minutes while your focus on your mindfulness. Your work emails, text messages from your special someone or that phone call you’ve been dreading to make can wait!

4. Light a candle and put on some background music

Turn the lights off and set the scene and ambiance with your favourite scent and put some light meditation music on in the background.

5. Pick up your ColourHide Earth Notebook and your favourite pen

After visiting your nearest Officeworks store and picking up your very own ColourHide Earth Notebook and your favourite pen, you will have all the tools ready for your mindfulness writing session.

Have your notebook set up in your dedicated space next to your comfy cushion.

6. Take a deep breath

Before you start writing, take a deep breath. This could be overwhelming or scary at first, you may even feel a little embarrassed, but that is okay! There is no judgement here, it’s just you and your thoughts.

7. Understand your expectations and what you want out of your mindfulness session

What do you want out of this session? Do you want to jot down your notes, have the weight of your thought lifted off your shoulders or do you want this time to plan out your goals and dreams?

8. Now, what will you write about?

A few questions to get you started: What do you want to achieve today? What did you achieve today? How do you feel today? Why do you think you feel this way? Where do I want to be next week? Next month? Next Year? What makes me happy?

9. Remember, don’t be harsh on yourself

This is something to do for you! Remember, don’t be harsh on yourself, be open and true to yourself. There is no judgement or fear.

10. Make this a habit

Consistency is key. Make this a habit, it doesn’t have to be every day, it could be every second day, every week, or every month. Now, start writing!

ColourHide, the future and the environment

Consumers are now, more than ever, very environmentally conscious when it comes to purchasing products, making more thoughtful purchases to reduce single use plastic, ocean pollution and landfill. The demand for ecofriendly products is increasing across many categories. ColourHide wanted to make a difference and reduce plastic in our oceans. This is one step forward that ColourHide is making into becoming a more sustainable and purposeful brand. ColourHide is committed to using consumer friendly and environmentally responsible packaging and strive to reduce plastic packaging where possible. We seek continuous improvement in the sustainability of our packaging by identifying opportunities to reduce single use plastic, minimise landfill and reduce our environmental impact. ColourHide is working on reducing and phasing out the problematic and unnecessary single use plastic packaging as part of Australia’s 2025 National Packaging Target. ColourHide is continuously reviewing and assessing the materials used from factory to shelf to achieve this goal. In line with consumer demand and our environmental targets ColourHide will continue to expand
the range in new environmentally friendly ways, exploring recycled plastic, renewable materials, and recycled paper.

Keep an eye out for the amazing ColourHide ranges to come!


The WellBeing Team

The WellBeing Team

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