Sugar – The Sweet Poison

It is hard to imagine a substance as simple as sugar can cause such complex health conditions.  There are many forms of sugar on the market today ranging from artificial sugars such as aspartame (the most deadly of all) to standard cane sugar.  We just love that sweet flavor.

We show our love with sugar on valentines day and grandparents often feel it is their right to spoil the grand-kids with sweets like biscuits and ice cream.  It is the one true drug that has infected every part of today’s culture. It is also one of the biggest contributors to our modern day health diseases.  Diabetes, obesity and poly cystic ovarian disease have been medically identified as conditions that are caused by sugar imbalances.

Even after we have been diagnosed with these conditions we still don’t give up our sweet gold – why?

I believe it is due to the addictive nature of this substance.  The brain is driven by glucose – which can be obtained from fruit, vegetables and whole grains – and when it gets a source like refined cane sugar it gives it a direct hit.  Just like tobacco, the brain starts to adapt to this refined stimulation and believes it can’t do without it.

It is my experience that after two weeks of eating only natural sugars the brain stops sending signals for this quick hit of refined sugars and the cravings start to settle.

Having worked with a drug and alcohol rehabilitation retreat for 6 years as the principle Naturopath, I have seen the whole spectrum of substance abuse.  It is well known that with any substance of addiction complete abstinence is vital and sugar is no exception. Easier said then done!

Unlike most addictive substances such as tobacco or alcohol, sugar is in almost everything we eat – and we need to eat to survive.  So once we have broken the cravings we are constantly faced with its presence in our everyday lives.

Natural therapies such as chromium and 5HTP do help with sugar cravings and cinnamon has now been scientifically proven to work in a similar way to insulin. Having a protein breakfast is the best way to stabilise the blood sugars first thing in the morning – avoiding that sugar rush right from the start of the day. Most importantly, managing our sugar intake and limiting it to natural sugars only is vital for well being and longevity.

The WellBeing Team

The WellBeing Team

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