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The next three finalists have been announced for The Women of the Year Awards!

The WellBeing Media Group in partnership with Ferro-grad C has launched The Women of the Year Awards to acknowledge everyday women contributing to their communities.

For those who are yet to nominate, you can still visit thewomenoftheyear.com.au to enter a practitioner or other woman you know who is doing something amazing in the community, for their chance to win $5000 for themselves and $5000 for their organization plus full coverage in WellBeing.  

We are excited to announce our next three finalists, who showcase the amazing things women can do when giving back to their local communities and those close to them.

Jessica Murray

Jessica Murray


Life in an isolated community is never an easy task, but for Jessica, a Head Teacher on Maternity Leave, time away from teaching presented an opportunity to contribute, not only to her town of Louth in Far-Western NSW, but two other nearby towns as well. Jess has secured community grants, set up storytelling spaces for children and helped establish community facilities to better support families in times of hardship such as drought.

Bente Hart

Bente Hart

Bente is a rural practice pharmacist who is a partner in Capital Chemist Braidwood. Being a pharmacist is challenging at the best of times, with many pharmacies offering limited services in rural areas. Bente has worked hard to establish a wide range of pharmacy services that would otherwise not be available and has tirelessly supported her community through the twin tragedies of the Black Summer Bushfires and the COVID-19 pandemic. She continues to work with her team to improve the vital healthcare options in Braidwood to the highest level ever seen in the town.

Michelle Key

Michelle Key

Seven years ago, Michelle started Smiles2U after first-hand experience with her three young boys in the Emergency department at an early age. A 100% voluntary charity, Smiles2U share care packs for children, adults and carers in hospital or hospice, offering small comforts from home which may not be found in a hospital setting. Relying solely on volunteers and community donations can be challenging, but since beginning Smiles2U Michelle has expanded to providing packs in 12 hospitals across Sydney and the NSW Central Coast.

We are thrilled with the number of applicants we are seeing and are excited to tell the incredible stories these women have to share.

We are still accepting nominations and want to invite anyone who knows an inspiring practitioner taking steps to create change in their community to nominate them!

Visit thewomenoftheyear.com.au to find out more.

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Jamie Pilarinos

Jamie Pilarinos

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