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WellBeing Winter Survival Be Box!


Organic Merchant Immune Tea

A fortifying tisane combining soothing floral mint tones with vitalising citrus notes and a touch of ginger spice.

SHOP NOW RRP: $25.95 | organicmerchant.com.au


Organic Formulations Replenish Hydrating Serum

Replenish dry, dull skin with this daily, light-weight serum. Formulated with Sodium Hyaluronate to deeply hydrate and plump and Vitamin C for a more even, radiant complexion. Suitable for all skin types.

SHOP NOW RRP: $24.95 |organicformulations.com.au


MYNDLY Values Cards

When work-life is aligned to our values (the things that are most important to us), it’s better. It increases motivation and job satisfaction and reduces stress and the risk of burnout. It also gives us a sense of meaning and purpose; a feeling that we’re connected to and contributing to something bigger than ourselves — which enhances wellbeing.

Curated by psychologists, this tool has thirty-nine values to consider, like Health and Fairness, plus blank cards to add your own unique values. It’s also got reflection questions to help you make sense of and get the most out of the experience

SHOP NOW RRP: $34.95 | www.myndly.co


Pump Haircare Thickening Or Mermaid Lengths Sample Spray

Thickening Spray – Thick hair starts here! Pump Thickening Spray expands the hair strand to provide thickness all over. With Rice protein and Nettle extract.

Pump Mermaid Lengths Anti Breakage + Split End Remedy Spray – Pump Mermaid Lengths Anti Breakage + Split End Remedy Spray is packed with biotin, Co2 Kiwi Seed Extract and other powerful ingredients to reduce hair fall from breakage by strengthening the ends.

SHOP NOW |pumphaircare.com


New Nordic Skin Care™ Collagen Filler

Skin Care™ Collagen Filler is an everyday herbal supplement to aid connective tissue production and maintain overall skin health. The combination of algae, pomegranate and tomato stimulate collagen production and are known to fight bacteria, providing anti-ageing benefits and all over natural beauty.

SHOP NOW RRP: $53.99 | newnordic.net.au


Enya Skin Care CeramideRx Moisturising Treatment Cream

Enya CeramideRx Moisturising Treatment Cream is a rich moisturiser to help relieve dryness, skin irritation and restore the protective barrier function for targeted areas on body, face, and hands. It is specially formulated with 3 essential ceramides, vegan* Omega acids 3,6 & 9 and amino acids to keep skin thoroughly nourished, soft, and comforted.

SHOP NOW $10.39  | www.chemistwarehouse.com.au


Young Living Winter Nights Hand Cream

When the days grow shorter and the air grows crisp and colder, how do you lift your spirits? Bolster yourself with Young Living’s new Winter Nights Hand Lotion. The crisp, sweet, evergreen scents of Northern Lights Black Spruce, Peppermint, Cedarwood and Orange come together in a delightful holiday combination, bringing to mind the magic of softly falling snow, the peace of crisp midnight air in winter and the warmth of cosy spaces. Made with naturally derived ingredients this lotion lifts spirits and hydrates hands, helping you focus on all the best winter has to offer.

SHOP NOW | www.youngliving.com


Clemence Organics Repair Face  Serum

  • Potent rejuvenative properties, increasing skin elasticity, balancing skin tone and providing a richly moisturised complexion
  • Soothes skin inflammation and promotes wound healing
  • Long-lasting moisture, absorbing quickly into the skin
  • Gentle antiseptic and astringent properties, benefiting those that struggle with acne, inflammation and redness
  • No parabens, sodium lauryl sulphate, petrochemicals, PEGs, artificial fragrances, nanoparticles or unnecessary ingredients

SHOP NOW RRP: $49.99| clemenceorganics.com

Of Melt Away Cleansing Oil 2000x2000 1

Organic Formulations Melt Away Cleansing Oil

Melt away makeup, primer and SPF with this nourishing cleansing oil. Formulated with Organic Sunflower and Organic Camellia Oil to effectively cleanse skin without stripping it of its natural oils. Suitable for all skin types.

SHOP NOW RRP: $24.95| www.organicformulations.com.au

WellBeing Team

WellBeing Team

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