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5 ways to juggle your profession and your passion

One of the great things about meeting someone new is the chance to talk about what lights you up and makes your heart sing – what you’re passionate about. Hands in motion, sparkling eyes, when you’re talking about your passion you feel it and they know it.

For many people – maybe you too – their passion exists outside of their day job. A lawyer who trains all year for marathons. A teacher writing a book before the school day starts. An accountant who teaches yoga on weekends.

When you’re working full time, you need to be a bit intentional and creative about how you meet the 9-5 demands as well as create space and energy to pursue and develop the passion that inspires you.

Here are five ideas to help you incorporate your passion into your week day.

  1. Commute well

Whether you’re on a train or behind the wheel, there are several ways to use this travelling time to your passionate advantage. While your commute mightn’t allow you to pursue your passion directly, think about how you could pursue it in another way. Depending on your transport, could you map something out, research, practise or read or listen to build skills and knowledge? Podcasts, audio books and phone calls (use safely with recommended guidelines) could be part of your daily drive. Train travel could be used for reading, writing, planning, creating and study.

  1. Lunch time

Nourishing your body is the top priority and then there’s the chance to bring your passion fully into your work day. Could you meet with a collaborator, business partner, fellow student, mentor or someone who shares your passion? Could you practise, study, write, exercise or brainstorm? You might find that switching gears and pursuing your passion re-energises you and you return to work feeling great.

  1. Exercise = thrive

As tempting as it might be to drop the yoga class or weight session, keeping fit will help keep you physically and emotionally well, and your commitments strong. You might be able to include exercise in your work day so your night is free for your passion. You could exercise before work, on your way to and from work, at lunch time or during a couple of breaks. If you’re very time poor, see if you can exercise for just 20 minutes. Naturally, there’ll be times when the seesaw tips and exercise is sidelined. But once things settle try to return to regular exercise to manage stress, build energy and maintain your wellbeing.

  1. Be a wise night owl

Each person’s after-work needs and responsibilities differ and connecting with loved ones is important. Think about how and if you can balance these needs and responsibilities with time for your passion. Short entertainment (some Netflix comedies are 22 minutes) and reading time allow you to unwind after you’ve invested time into your passion. Always make sure to give yourself enough time and a helpful routine to relax your mind and body before sleep.

  1. Efficiencies matter

Becoming more efficient sounds a little dull and could take some effort, but better efficiencies will give you extra time for your passion any probably more head space too. To quote Stephen Covey, “The main thing is to keep the main thing the main thing.” So, when you have time for your passion, think about what’s most important right now. Do you need to practise? Study that module? Do some sprints? Write 500 words? Choose that one thing and jump in!

Some other suggestions:

  • Cook in bulk or use fresh, pre-cut veggies for dinner to save time after work.
  • Outsource house jobs/cleaning if you’re able to.
  • Schedule and limit social media. You’re the boss!
  • Create uninterrupted blocks of time for your passion.
  • Have regular commitments. For example, if you’re a blogger, you might write from 7.30-9pm on Monday and Wednesday nights and post on Thursday mornings.

So, in the interest of efficiencies, and to take up no more of your time, go forth and get passionate!

Emma Delahey

Emma Delahey

Emma Delahey is a Melbourne-based Wellbeing and Confidence Coach for women. She inspires and helps women to develop their passions. Emma is a qualified Life Coach and has a postgraduate qualification in Positive Psychology.

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