Eliminating Dental Stress

Afraid of the dentist? Do you put off your dental appointments due to fear or anxiety? You are certainly not alone! True dental phobia is a problem amongst 2.5 million Australians according to some surveys.  The most recent survey conducted by Australian Research Centre for Population Oral Health in 2008 made some interesting observations. It […]


Let’s rethink the germ theory of disease!

Have you ever wondered where our modern-day thinking of germs and diseases comes from? Before Louis Pasteur put forward his “germ theory” of disease in 1861, it was commonly thought that diseases of the body started spontaneously. The thought of humans being the cause of diseases spreading was unheard of. Medical doctors of the time […]


Sugary tales from the tooth doctor

Eat your chocolate slowly and allow it to melt in your mouth! Savour the moment and close your eyes … Are you a dark or milk chocolate lover? Does it’s taste take you to the past or drive you towards your next adventure? If you tell me your what your chocolate preference is, I can […]