Beauty is not just skin deep it’s deeper

Ever wondered why the girl next door has beautiful glowing skin but doesn’t eat the healthy foods that you do? Your skin looks tired and run-down, despite the litres of water and wholesome foods you are consuming. Why? The answer may lie in the structure and function of your mouth. This blog discusses how symptoms […]

a healthy body

What is a healthy body?

What does it mean to have a healthy body? An author once said that, “Health is merely the slowest way someone can die.” Is this how you look at your health and wellbeing? If it is, then what about those  individuals who have lost the enthusiasm needed to make a full contribution to their life […]


Movement disorders and the mouth

Australians who suffer with movement disorders frequently experience involuntary and unpleasant bodily movements such as tremors, an abnormal posture and difficulty walking. In some cases it even affects their speech.  This blog will discuss how your mouth can play a vital role in various movement disorders. There are some conditions that can be greatly improved […]


How your mouth affects your posture

Poor body posture is often associated with chronic back and neck pain, but did you know that the mouth can be a major cause? My earliest memories on posture come from primary schooling. Our teachers reprimanded us to “sit up straight” in class as though our slouching was a sign of nefarious intentions. For the […]



Think of a toothache and many would empathise with the borrowed saying: “Pain, pain, go away! Please do not come back another day!” Pain motivates us to seek medical care yet non-painful health issues are often treated with less urgency — and sometimes the cause of pain is not easily recognisable. Let’s take diabetes, for example. […]


Mouths made of metal

Increasingly, many patients are asking their dentist if the metals in their mouths are still considered safe. This trend does not seem to be abating, with new evidence suggesting that some metals, such as nickel and mercury, have the potential to stimulate either strong allergic reactions in some people and low-grade systemic inflammation in others. […]


Gum health and folate deficiency

Folate deficiency among Australians is more common than recently thought. I have had several patients lately who are plagued with oral ulcers and soreness in their mouth. Interestingly, the common primary cause was a folate deficiency, and folinic acid supplementation was found to assist with this annoying condition. Let me elaborate further. Dietary folate is […]


The link between food allergies and our faces

There is a strong link between food allergies and the way our faces develop. In 2005, the Medical Journal of Australia (MJA) published an article confirming the epidemic rise of pediatric allergic diseases in Australian children. Back then, up to 40 per cent of Australian children were affected by some form of allergies, with many […]