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Are you getting enough beauty sleep?

Sleep is a vital aspect of human life and plays a significant role in mental and physical health, as well as physical appearance. With up to four out of 10 people in Australia suffering from sleep deprivation, we take a look at beauty sleep and how you can improve your sleep hygiene.

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The psychology of conspiracy

Conspiracy theories often originate during a crisis, after a natural disaster or in times of political or social upheaval. Here, we look at what drives people to follow and spread conspiracy narratives, how to engage respectfully with someone if you have opposing beliefs and much more.

Setting goals

Using mindfulness to set value-driven goals

As mindfulness is defined as non-judgmental awareness of the present moment, and goal setting represents future-focused attainment, I always viewed them as incompatible. It wasn’t until I read some of Dr Alan Wallace’s research that I was able to reconcile the two. Alan is an author and western expert on Tibetan Buddhism and teaches that there is great value in wholesome goals and desires. That is, goals and desires that are conducive to positive mental health and overall wellbeing.


Writing your Story

Current research shows that writing about yourself in a positive sense is linked to better emotional and physical health. So what’s stopping you? It’s time to find the courage to put pen to paper and write your memoir.

How to find your tribe: how to find friends to support your wellbeing

Finding your tribe

A strong support network is integral to your health and wellbeing. These people are likeminded souls who accept, support and love you exactly as you are. Yet to meet them? Here’s how to find your tribe.