Altearah Bio wellbeing perfume, Turquoise

Maintain your sense of calmness and avoid stress all day with your lovely Altearah serenity, turquoise perfume. The turquoise blend helps to calm your mind and stay clear. Great for the office.


Altearah Bio organic perfumes

The Altearah Bio 5ml box set makes the perfect for yourself or someone special. You receive the full selection of 14 perfumes, giving you a full palette of colours to chose from every day.

Altearah Body Scrub

Altearah Bio Scrub, White

Our Purity salt scrub, made from pink Himalayan salt is the perfect way to cleans and detox your skin, promoting elimination and enhancing your skin and your general wellbeing. The white blend brings clarity and revitalisation.


Altearah Bio Scrub, Serenity

The turquoise Serenity salt scrub creates beautiful clean, fresh, luscious skin as well as creating a sense of calm and tranquility. The turquoise blend aids restful sleep by calming the mind and reducing stress.


Altearah Bio Salt Scrub

Made from Himalayan salt, the Altearah Bio scrub is full of natural healing minerals. As well as exfoliating the dead skin away it also nourishes the skin with essential oils. This lovely fresh scrub will improve circulation to help eliminate toxins.


Altearah Bio organics

Altearah Bio have created a range of perfumes, Beauty and skincare products that combine aromatherapy and colour therapy. Each colour delivers a different mood by raising your vibration.


The Healthy Convert by Nicole Maree

The Healthy Convert is the ultimate solution for allergy-affected sweet-tooths. Nicole Maree helps you to transform your kitchen into an allergy friendly paradise with delightful cakes, biscuits, tarts, puddings and other sweet treats. Nicole guides you in substituting sugar, flour, eggs, oil, dairy and nuts, providing creative alternatives to your favourite sweets. You’ll learn how to […]