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On the menYOU

Finding your personality revealed in the foods you choose from a menu might seem like a piece of New Age flummery, but there is research suggesting that your food choices might reveal more about you than you suspect.

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Community-based prepping

Is the future going to look like it does at the present? Or might there be unexpected challenges? The answer is that challenges are likely and if not now, then soon. The real question becomes how we will respond to that disruption and achieve sustainable positive outcomes as a result.

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Oceans of minerals

Mining our ocean depths for minerals to power a clean energy economy is being touted as a more sustainable method than land-based mining. Yet there are also critics of the marine method, so what is the truth about deep-sea mining?

indigenous technologies

Going Lo-TEK

The environmental impacts of technology are substantial, which is why there is a move toward judiciously employing some alternative models of usage and at the same time looking at certain indigenous technologies that may be relevant to modern life.

Ariel image of the Murray–Darling Basin

Concerns facing the Murray–Darling Basin

The Murray–Darling Basin in southeastern Australia is a wide catchment that extends across four states and the Australian Capital Territory, covering more than a million square kilometres and representing about one-seventh of Australia’s total land area. Its management is one of Australia’s largest and most complex environmental challenges.


Hydrogen’s role in a net-zero world

Depending on who you listen to, hydrogen is the answer to the question of a sustainable future. Yet, as is often the case with such major questions, the issues around hydrogen are not simple. Here we dig into the evidence to discover the role that hydrogen has to play in facing the greatest challenge of a generation.