Perfume as individual as you!

The power of our sense of smell is amazing. A certain smell might evoke memories of a certain time and place – like the way the peppermint reminds me of my grandmother or how jasmine takes me back to my family home in Malaysia.  Other scents might make us feel excited, adventurous, daring or conjure a range of other emotions.

At the same time we are very particular with scents especially when it comes to perfume. We might search high and low for that perfect perfume but often find they are too strong, too artificial or simply not “you.”

So wouldn’t it be ideal if you could have a perfume that was your very own? One that perfectly matched your personality. One that made you feel energised and vibrant. One that was a natural creation and that no one else could ever purchase?

I remember as a child I used to venture into my backyard. I crushed jasmine and rose petals into a fancy jar I found in the garage to make my very own perfume. It didn’t really work out. Ambrosia Jones was also fascinated by scents and nature as a child. Her love of perfume and experimentation with scents turned out a better than mine!

Ambrosia, of Perfume by Nature has created an exciting range of perfumes made from natural ingredients including imported essential oils and Absolutes. In our world of commercialised, mass produced perfume loaded with chemical and other nasties, it’s refreshing to see a natural option. But Ambrosia does one better, offering bespoke perfumes created just for you.

Ambrosia’s can help recreate a scent that will help match your personality and style. Whether you are a lover of the outdoors, a hopeless romantic, a chocoholic (actually, you’d already be sorted here with the delicious Death by Chocolate perfume) – an individualised perfume can be made for you!

Ambrosia’s process and natural approach really takes perfumery back to its traditional roots – making it more about blending the aromatic arts and healing to create perfumes that work on a deeper level to heal and enchant mind, body and soul.

The process begins with a questionnaire to find out about your likes and dislikes. Questions range from topics including colours, food, music, emotions and of course, favourite smells (whether it may be freshly cut grass, baby powder or your dog’s fur!). Ambrosia includes in this starters kit some scents of her own – the fruity, Avalon (my personal favourite); summery, My Gardenia, the lime scented and energising, Happiness; the rich, Craving; exotic, Love Potion and exciting, Pan.

The scents are entirely unique, inviting and exciting and give you only a small taste of what you’re in for. By giving your thoughts on the scents and completing the questionnaire, Ambrosia can understand what you’re really looking for in a perfume. Then it’s a process of matching ingredients and the perfume to truly reflect your individuality.

The process can take up to three to six months – so the final product is just right for you. Ambrosia will first create three samples for you to wear. She’ll then modify your favourite of the samples. The perfume is left to sit for a number of weeks to allow the oils to interact and mature before your entirely unique and very much your own perfume is sent to you.

“The body is built to be compatible with essential oils,” says Ambrosia and with some many people allergic to conventional perfumes, the natural option looks all the more pleasing.

To find out more about Ambrosia and Perfume by Nature visit the website and blog

Do you love perfume? What are your favourite scents?

Veronica Joseph

Veronica Joseph

Veronica Joseph is an accredited yoga teacher who loves to share her yogic journey from travels in India, cleansing techniques, her favourite poses and their benefits and tips to remember when practising.

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