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Are you getting enough beauty sleep?

Sleep is a vital aspect of human life and plays a significant role in mental and physical health, as well as physical appearance. With up to four out of 10 people in Australia suffering from sleep deprivation, we take a look at beauty sleep and how you can improve your sleep hygiene.


Why MSM is the new beauty mineral!

Have you heard of “The Beauty Mineral”? Methylsulfonylmethane (MSM) is a natural sulphur compound that has traditionally been used therapeutically for joint health but is gaining popularity in the beauty world as an anti-ageing supplement

La Mav Ayurvedic Beauty Powder

Ayurvedic Beauty Powder — La Mav

Inspired by the ancient daily health and wellbeing rituals of Ayurveda, LAMAV’s Ayurvedic Beauty powder is a supercharged formula that works synergistically to fight the signs of ageing and support digestive health. Formulated with LAMAV’s exclusive Ayurvedic Beauty Blend containing Holy Basil, Amla and Ashwagandha this blend helps to repair and protect skin from oxidative stress whilst supporting the body’s natural stress response. 

Nourish Superfood Facial Oil

NOURISH Superfood Facial Oil — SEEH Skincare

The NOURISH Superfood Facial Oil, also known as liquid gold, is the perfect moisturiser for every skin type. This lightweight but deeply conditioning oil is rich in vitamins, essential fatty acids and antioxidants. The facial oil improves skin barrier functionality for a smoother skin texture and dewy, hydrated complexion.

7 Herbs For Your Beauty Routine

7 herbs for your beauty routine

Herbs are well known for their medicinal qualities, but they can also be a valued part of your beauty routine. Discover the beauty benefits of seven herbs: frankincense, green tea, camomile, lavender, calendula (marigold), rosemary and turmeric. Before cosmetic products existed, many cultures around the world utilised native herbs, oils, spices, mud and even insects […]