Your natural skin care routine

Natural skin care options are a beneficial choice to help keep your skin looking and feeling smooth, radiant and supple. Natural skin care choices are a safe and gentle whereas other products that include harsh chemicals can cause dryness, strip the skin of natural oils and cause inflammation.

Here are natural skin care choices you can make when it comes to cleansing, toning, moisturising and more.

Natural skin care and cleansing
Cleansing the skin is essential in order to help remove dirt, grime and cellular waste that has accumulated on the surface. Natural skin care options are best here. Many cleansers contain chemicals and are harsh on the skin, stripping it of its oils and causing dryness. Milk makes a gentle natural skin care option along with vegetable and nut oils. These are gentle on the skin and have a nourishing effect.

Exfoliating using natural skin care ingredients
Some scrubs and peels can be harsh on the skin, but there are a range of natural skin care options you can consider when it comes to exfoliating. You can make a great base scrub using ¼ cup fine oatmeal, ¼ cup rice flour and 1 tbsp clay to suit your skin type. Papaya is also beneficial. These natural skin care options are gentle on your skin and have a number of benefits you don’t find with other products.

Toning and natural skin care
Toners are applied after cleansing. Again natural skin care options are a gentle and effective choice as alcohol-based toners can strip your skin of its natural oils. Natural skin care toner ingredients can include: Distilled witch-hazel, floral waters, herbal tea, green tea and apple juice, Aloe vera juice and a range of other essential oils.

Natural skin care masks
Masks can make a beneficial part of a natural skin care routine.  Wet masks are predominantly hydrating, soothing, healing and calming. Dry masks are predominantly extracting, purifying, stimulating and toning. Masks can use a range of natural skin care ingredients including clays, avocado, cabbage, cornflour, honey and oatmeal. These ingredients are beneficial for replenishing and nourishing the skin.

Natural skin care moisturisers
Moisturisers protect against dryness and dehydration and form a protective barrier against free radicals and moisture loss. When moisturisers contain a range of natural skin care ingredients you can be assured your skin will be nourished and protected. Moisturisers should contain oil and water (to keep the skin’s surface layer soft and supple), emollients (to lock in moisture already present in the skin); and humectants (to bind water to the skin; commonly used humectants are vegetable glycerine and honey). Moisturisers may also contain essential oils to assist in the rejuvenation process. Avoid mineral oil in moisturisers as it is occlusive and causes imbalances in the skin.

Natural skin care around the eyes
The skin around the eyes is very sensitive and delicate. It is prone to wrinkles and so applying light gels and oils will help this area moisturised and protected. Natural skin care options include using cool pieces of cucumber or cooled chamomile teabags over your eyes. Vitamin K and Centella asiatica (gotu kola) are helpful for dark circles under the eyes.

There are so many natural skin care ingredients and recipes that work wonders on the skin. So it’s up to you to find one that works for your skin. There are plenty of recipes on WellBeing for masks, scrubs and more for you to try and keep you skin looking its best.

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The WellBeing Team

The WellBeing Team

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