Pushing the boundaries for improvements: Push-up challenge!!

In order to make fitness improvements and reach goals, we must push the boundaries. The body is an amazing, readily adaptive machine and if you repeatedly do something that you find easy, you won’t improve.

This week’s challenge is to push the boundaries and complete as many push ups as you can in 60 seconds. Repeat this challenge every second day for the next week, and watch yourself improve!

There are two categories, 1) Push-ups on the toes. 2) Push-ups on the knees.

Step 1: Start with hands and toes on the floor (hands and knees if you’re completing the modified push-ups).

Step 2: Your body should be in a straight line from shoulders to toes (knees if you’re completing modified push-ups), hands placed slightly wider than shoulders and directly below them. That is, ensure the lower back is not arched and the hips are not bent. (For modified push-ups, keep legs uncrossed and toes off the floor).

Keep your core tensed, pulling navel in towards your spine.

Step 3: Bend the elbows and lower the body until your chest almost touches the floor, then extend arms and return to starting position. (Body should remain straight throughout).

Step 4: Repeat!

Give either or both categories a go and post your scores! I managed 42 push-ups on the toes in 60 seconds for my first attempt, and am determined to exceed 50!

Felicity Daley

Felicity Daley

As a personal trainer, Felicity's philosophy is to take a balanced approach. Health is multifaceted and fitness means something different to every individual. A combination of muscular strength, physical endurance, agility and coordination, stability, nutrition, rest and mental and emotional wellbeing is essential in a well-rounded lifestyle. Felicity's aim is help you to achieve your goals in these areas by offering the support, motivation and information needed to do so!

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