Cellular Skeletons

What I am about to share with you is quite profound and goes back to one of my first blogs on emotions the missing link.  I am now more convinced than ever!

Some pretty incredible stuff has been going on over the past week or two with regards to my breast cancer treatment.

Recent blood tests have shown that everything is within the normal healthy ranges including cancer antigens for breast and ovaries.  Liver function above average, bicarbonates up. However there is still a lump/s so what else could there be holding this scar tissue in place but emotion?

This quest has not only been the process of treatments at a nutrient level but also a constant application of sessions to unravel the emotional memories of the cells that have created energy blockages in my system.  Lifeline techniques, kinesiology, guided meditations, clearing programmes, acupuncture, breath work.  In summary, the point of all these processes is to wipe the cellular slate clean.

With all the treatments going well at a biochemical level there have been many sessions  I have undertaken of the above mentioned therapies to unravel the emotional kinks in the chain of my life.  And interestingly; all of the skeletons I claim to have dealt with have reared their ugly little or big heads.

It seems that many of us go through life applying left brain logic and rationalise every bad thing that ever happens to us and squash it down somewhere thinking it has gone away.  Well let me tell you those 500 trillion cells that make up my body have done a remarkable job of hiding past traumas, hurts, negative emotions, negative attachments and behaviours.

Time for the shake up…

Several years ago I purchased a book entitled ‘The Biology of Belief’ by Bruce H. Lipton Ph D. A former cell biologist and now a leader of research in ‘New Biology’   An area of science that looks at genes and DNA adapting as a result of their environment.

The topic of cells having their own memories and behavioural influences always intrigued me.  As I attempted to read through the first chapter, diagrams of cells, protein molecules and peptide bonds left me scratching my head and hence the book was left on the shelf.   It wasn’t until my diagnosis last year that my memory cells alerted me to pick up that book.  Who was to know that this book would be integral in my healing process 5 years down the track.

This stuff is not new!

Even for the Darwin fans in one of his last letters he wrote of his one of his regrets was not having considered fully the effects of the environment on a cells behaviour.  French biologist Jean- Baptiste de Larmarck whose theory of evolution predates Darwin’s by 50 years was ousted because of his theory that cells, their structure and behaviour adapted based on their environmental influence.

Even the German philosopher Friedrich Nietzsche in the mid 19th century theorised as the trillions of cells that create us human beings we are the cells that make up the larger organism that is planet and the universe.

Epigenetics is one of the most active areas of science today as it explores molecular mechanisms whereby environment controls gene activity as opposed to DNA controlling life.

The Breakthrough…

The biggest cellular and emotional connection one has in life is to our mother and there have been some huge kinks in my mother daughter chain.  For nearly two weeks as a result of my processes emotions have continually surfaced and no amount of avoiding can stop this process once it has begun.  Life seems to just throw stuff at you to challenge.  Resistance is futile!

The end result of this for the first time in as long as I can remember probably my entire 37 years I went to my mum.  Broke down gave her a big hug told her I loved her and thanked her for doing a great job of raising me.  We spoke about things as two adults but the weight lifted was incredible.

The breast tissue and the lump softened immediately.  Incredible!  All those cells responding to some heartfelt love.  Interesting to note that breast cancer sits closest to the heart chakra!

Q: Why doesn’t everybody want to be liberated from their past demons and live the happiest life they can??

A: Because it is damn confronting stuff…  I guess when faced with two choices living or dying I am prepared to get my hands dirty and dig out the cellular skeletons. 

If one is willing to do the work it can only be a positive outcome at the deepest level.

It has been a huge process of connecting dots and using various therapies and is still ongoing.   I have managed to differentiate between what is my stuff today and what has been passed onto me in early childhood from parents, peers, teachers, family, friends and even ancestral cellular memories that have made up the sum of my behaviours and belief systems.

It is my strong learned belief that one needs to include some work in this area when dealing with cancer either conventionally or otherwise, to help ensure cellular longevity. For anyone wishing to look further at any of the processes I have undertaken and those I implement as part of my lifestyle programme I can be contacted directly via email  helen@leadingedgelifestyle.com.au

In Health and Vitality

Helen McCumisky

Helen McCumisky

After completing studies in nutrition and life coaching. Helen's current areas of research and interest are epigenetics, psycho-neuro immunology and hormones. Helen has developed a unique five-step program that strengthens the immune system and creates an inspired emotional state where clients take 100 per cent responsibility for their health and lifestyle choices. The mission for Helen's business Leading Edge Lifestyle is the pursuit of Freedom: physical, emotional and spiritual.

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