After a much longer than expected hiatus from my blogging to focus on my health, I am plugged back in; fully charged; looking forward to sharing more of my learning’s and experiences from this incredible ‘breast cancer’ journey.

Stress… Reality vs. Perception

Stress is such as broadly used term these days. We hear of stress management, stressed out, biological stress, environmental stress, post traumatic stress. Hans Selye a scientist and pioneer of stress wrote of stress theory back in the early 1930’s. Interestingly the introduction of this term coincided with the Great Depression.


We all know too well the experiences of being ‘hormoanal’! Each month us ladies go on our emotional rollercoaster and partners, families and colleagues are most likely testament to this ride.

Don’t Forget The Fun!

I was about to complete my blog on Estrogen and the very big part it plays in breast cancer when a flood of emotions washed over me and the little voice said ‘you know what lets get back to the human side of cancer for a minute’.