F.E.A.R – Face Everything And Rejoice

I have heard many acronyms for fear in years past and most of them with a negative undertone

  • False Expectations Appearing Real
  • Finding Excuses And Reasons
  • Failure Expected And Received
  • Frantic Effort to Avoid Reality

After a week of continued ups and downs I reached probably the lowest point this weekend past.  I thought I had already hit the bottom.  However, like the infomercials at 2am  ‘Wait… there’s  MORE’…

I felt a sense of futility of this whole exercise of healing, my life purpose, who I am.  A big black hole was the centre of my being.  Where did this emptiness appear from?

Berating myself for daring to be in this head space was just as stressful, as I understand the implications of giving the lump in my breast any negative energy (fuel).

Alternative medicine researcher Dr Masaru Emoto discovered that human vibrational energy-thoughts, words, ideas and music effects the molecular structure of water.

Given that our bodies comprise more than 70% water it seems clear to me that any input of a negative nature can have our cells turning on us.

One foot in front of the other was my attitude for the past few days.   Thankfully, I was reminded again yesterday by the wise wife of Professor Wang (TCM, Intuitive Healer) Joyce that it is fear that kills people.

It is a challenge in these times to remain fearless.  We are bombarded with the news which contains mostly doom and gloom regarding economic climates, war, terrorism, declining health, aging population, over population, obesity, crime, global warming/cooling! I seldom watch TV or read a newspaper yet I am still acutely aware of what is occurring out there.

We are conditioned to fear the consequences of non conformity, disconnection if not paying our bills or fines. Litigation if we say/do the ‘wrong’ thing.

We fear death, love and even fear feeling itself which only serves to create more negative emotions and vibrations on our planet.

I have only just learned first hand this week how others projections of fear can bring about a physical manifestation to those around them. Without their knowing!  I’m sure everyone has heard the quote ‘The only thing to fear… is fear itself’

In my quest to continue observing the good that is taking place, I was rewarded once again.

My own fears were getting the better of me last week when I dragged my miserable self off to work with only negative thoughts of how long can I keep all this going?  To keep slogging it out to pay for treatments and suppliments to win this health challenge I have manifested.

As I walked toward my destination I passed a stall selling sausages and raffle tickets to raise money for a community football team for players with a disability.   I walked back to the table declined the offer of some oxidised fat (sausage) in some refined bleached carbohydrates (bread) covered with a dose of sugar (tomato sauce) and requested to make a donation.

I pulled out what felt like the last $10 I had and purchased 5 raffle tickets.  This choice I made enabled me to connect with a beautiful young girl Jess.  I didn’t need to wait for the draw, I won the raffle and so did Jess.  Although her speech a bit of a struggle she said to me that we were both winners; that these were lucky tickets because I was the first person she had sold more than one ticket to. She proudly counted them out one by one.

Words could not express to Jess the feeling that washed over me and the joy that replaced my angst.  A negative vibration flipped in an instant to a loving outflow of energy.  I won a great deal more than a raffle.  Another connection with a beautiful human being.

The title of this blog is the most positive acronym for fear; a positive vibration that leaves me with a feeling of achievement as I end a 9 year life cycle this weekend.  Next week marks the commencement of a whole new chapter. With an increased awareness from this breast cancer experience that I could not possibly acknowledge with anything other than Infinite Love & Gratitude

Helen McCumisky

Helen McCumisky

After completing studies in nutrition and life coaching. Helen's current areas of research and interest are epigenetics, psycho-neuro immunology and hormones. Helen has developed a unique five-step program that strengthens the immune system and creates an inspired emotional state where clients take 100 per cent responsibility for their health and lifestyle choices. The mission for Helen's business Leading Edge Lifestyle is the pursuit of Freedom: physical, emotional and spiritual.

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