After a much longer than expected hiatus from my blogging to focus on my health, I am plugged back in; fully charged; looking forward to sharing more of my learning’s and experiences from this incredible ‘breast cancer’ journey.

A New Year usually begins with high hopes, dreams and anticipation for the year ahead.  I was experiencing isolation, a longing for someone to tell me all would be ok; that anyone cared at all.  Nothing would seem to break the sadness I felt for the disconnection from myself and between us as people residing on this planet.

There is no doubt, we are in a time of massive changes and the global vibe seems quite unsettled.  Notable changes in economic stability; the planet itself, food supply, declining health and questionable governments.  However, is there an area that has been lacking some serious attention?  Our personal growth?  Some Infinite Love and Gratitude?

In the past weeks I sat with my grandfather during his last days and hours.  I observed how peaceful he was.  Always happy; despite being born during the 1st world war, enduring another, living through the Great Depression among other global and personal crises.  The question was knocking even louder now.  Why are we so bogged down by something as magical as life?

Russian-American Philosopher Ayn Rand’s theory of Objectivism comprises; Metaphysics – Objective Reality, Epistemology – Reason, Politics – Capitalism

… And Ethics – Self Interest.  It is this point that got me!

‘Every man—is an end in himself, not the means to the ends of others. He must exist for his own sake, neither sacrificing himself to others nor sacrificing others to himself. The pursuit of his own rational self-interest and of his own happiness is the highest moral purpose of his life. ‘  – Ayn Rand 1962

In the early 1960’s perhaps some could live by this philosophy however my question remains:  What happens in 2012 when our personal quests for success, the amassing of wealth, status, fame, that the competitive nature of those pursuits has created such a separation from one another?

I asked for an answer… And it was thrown to me in the form of a Lifeline!

A lifeline extended to me by the developer of the Lifeline Technique ® and author, Dr Darren R. Weissman.

I attended this program with the intention of acquiring new tools to work with my clients; yet had underestimated how profound this would be for me personally.

As Dr Darren worked with me through this non-content process, it was confirmation for me of what I had believed since first receiving the diagnosis of breast cancer.

My body was speaking to me with symptoms as a result of some deeply entrenched, emotional patterns, perceptions and belief systems.

Many who know me will attest to my pathological optimism; however that is not enough when 98% of my subconscious mind has been ensuring I only progressed so far.   What I required was a super-sized dose of Infinite Love and Gratitude.

A key element of The Lifeline Technique® is to set an intention.

One of the ‘Golden Rules’ for setting yourself an intention is:

Focus on what you would choose rather than what you would want to go away!

As a result of the process, which comprises aspects of more than fifteen separate healing systems, a gap has been bridged between my conscious and subconscious mind.

All 50 trillion cells of my body are now dancing to the beat of the same drum.  My drum, of ‘I AM FREE, FEELING CONNECTED’.

In several of my previous blogs I have made reference to the work of Dr Masaru Emoto, Bruce H Lipton Ph,D and Amit Goswami Ph,D All pioneers in the area of the New Science,  Quantum Evolution and Human Consciousness. It is their work that inspired me to take the path of healing that I have.

I now add to that my deepest gratitude to the processes that have orchestrated Dr Darren developing a workable system. A system that harnesses the work of these visionaries together with his own experience and learning’s that can be applied to anyone, anytime, anywhere in the world.

The solution to the dilemma my initial questions posed…

Once we have bridged the gap between our own conscious and subconscious minds, we can then begin to bridge the gaps between one another.

As Dr Emoto’s work demonstrates

Water crystal exposed to the words 'Love and Gratitude'

The words we choose are extremely powerful and their vibration will resonate through every cell, trigger emotions, thoughts, senses and touch us at our very heart; and our Spirit which is Pure Love.

The below video demonstrates so clearly the power of words.

To quote some brilliant Pink Floyd lyrics –

‘When you were young, you shone like the sun’

I invite you to reach out, grab a Lifeline and shine on with Infinite Love and Gratitude.

Ask me how at helen@leadingedgelifelstyle.com.au

Helen McCumisky

Helen McCumisky

After completing studies in nutrition and life coaching. Helen's current areas of research and interest are epigenetics, psycho-neuro immunology and hormones. Helen has developed a unique five-step program that strengthens the immune system and creates an inspired emotional state where clients take 100 per cent responsibility for their health and lifestyle choices. The mission for Helen's business Leading Edge Lifestyle is the pursuit of Freedom: physical, emotional and spiritual.

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